If Team 7 Affected Mugen Tsukuyomi, Kira-Kira Like What Yes Their Dreams?


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<h4 style= When Mugen Tsukuyomi's move is performed by Madara, the 7th team survived Sasuke's Susanoo. However, if team 7 is hit by Mugen Tsukuyomi, roughly each of them will dream what it looks like, huh?

Mugen Tsukuyomi is a powerful and dangerous stunt resulting from the perfect Rinne Sharingan eye. When using this moment, the moon is used as an intermediary between the owner of the moment, with the target.

The range of this jutsu is not kidding, because the living beings (including animals) that are all over the world and exposed to the moonlight, then he will enter into the Mugen Tsukuyomi stance, and experience the eternal dream.

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When Madara uses Mugen Tsukuyomi, there are 5 people who are not affected, namely Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi), and Obito who was then unconscious.

If Obito's dreams and wishes were revealed when Naruto preached to him, what about team 7? If exposed to Mugen Tsukuyomi, this is what the 7th team might have dreamed of!



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<p style= We start from the only woman on team 7, that is Sakura. It is very clear what Sakura most wanted when Mugen Tsukuyomi was used, that is Sasuke's return to team 7, and surely the 7th team could get together again.

Of all 7 team members, the one who most wants this team to assemble again is Sakura. Naruto also wants the 7 teams assembled again, but Naruto is more than willing to save his friend who is taking the wrong path.

In addition to Sakura's liking of Sasuke, she also does not want the memories of Team 7 to just disappear. In the dream of Mugen Tsukuyomi belonging to Sakura, Sasuke probably replied his love, but still cool and not excessive as in the movie Naruto: Road to Ninja

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<p style= Team 7 is indeed the only team that does not last long in the army of Naruto, for this reason too, Sakura is sometimes jealous of the other teams that are always compact at every opportunity.

It seems that Sakura's dream Mugen Tsukuyomo is just like that and not very special, since Sakura does not have much desire and does not lose the people she cares about besides Sasuke.

On the next page, we will discuss about Kakashi's Mugen Tsukuyomi dream. What do you like, huh? Check the next page.


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