If Straw Hats Pirates Are Not Pirates, What Works Are They?

Straw Hat Pirates or Pirate Straw Hat-as the name suggests-is a group of pirates working as … pirates ! However, how would it be if this famous pirate group-whose members consisted of Luffy et al-was not a pirate? Eiichiro Oda answered the Straw Hat Pirates job if they were not pirates!

In an SBS rubric which is a question-and-answer rubric between Eiichiro Oda and fans, one fan asks what the Straw Hat Pirates work if they are not pirates. The fans are convinced that Sanji will remain a Chef, but Eiichiro Oda's answer seems much more interesting.

Here is the work of the Straw Hat Pirates if they are not a pirate:



Luffy – Fire Department



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<p style= Given Luffy's basically fearless nature and can not leave anyone in danger, Luffy fits in as a fireman. This work requires tremendous courage in order to hit a big flame and save a fire victim.

But maybe because his body is rubber, he will quickly melt exposed to fire. Well, it's better for Luffy to always use Haki if he does not want to melt!


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<p style= I do not understand why Oda- sensei replies that Zoro is suitable as a cop. The reason is that the police are also often questioned by people-and Zoro is a very bad character in the direction! I think if you get lost somewhere and meet Zoro in police uniform, you better go on your own rather than ask the way to him. Rather than getting lost later?

On the other hand, Zoro actually fits well as a policeman. He will hunt down the criminals as he is in the series One Piece -Zoro the pirate hunter

Then, what about the other Straw Hat members? Let's find out the work of the Straw Hat Pirates if they are not a pirate group on next page!

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