If Orochimaru Successfully Controls Konohagakure, What Happened? It's Speculation!

In another possibility, in another world, perhaps the birth of Naruto Uzumaki did not save Konohagakure. In fact, imagine if from the beginning Orochimaru hiding behind Sunagakure successfully launched his attack and seized the village of Konohagakure!

Sepeninggal Third Hokage, perhaps there is no Jonin who was able to lead back the resistance of the village ninja Konohagakure to save their residence. Of course, this is also a factor in Orochimaru's success in leading the village, especially when the other Sannins are late!

In Orochimaru's hands, what are the worst things that will happen to Konohagakure when no one can save him? Here are the speculations you should know!

The Sound Five team is still alive, and Sasuke is more than likely to be Orochimaru's newest pawn! Like the divided Uzumaki clan, Konohagakure is not yet ready to be the biggest target of other ninja villages that are quite unaware to be attacked!


Threats not only come from Orochimaru but from other villages awaiting the momentum to strike back Konohagakure, so that the Fourth Shinobi World War can happen for a very, very different reason than the main story of Naruto's story!

Hence, what are some other speculations of Orochimaru's hegemony? Check out the sequel on the next page!

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