If Humans Eat Demon Chopper's Human Fruit, What Happened?


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<h4 style= Devil Fruit Chopper human type, what would it be like if humans ate this type of Devil Fruit? Oda has already answered it, and this is what happens if you do not know yet.

Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi human type (pure human) is a Devil Fruit found by de Chopper deer, and eaten by it. Due to this Devil Fruit ability, Chopper can be like a human, from walking on two legs, to talking.

Hito Hito no Mi is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, so it's only natural that the user who eats it will turn into a certain creature, and in the case of this human Devil Fruit, which eats is a deer, so that he can become like a human.

However, have you ever wondered what would happen if the person who ate the Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi was human? Will the human beings later transform into human beings, even though he has actually become a human from birth?

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<p style= Take it easy, because Eichiro Oda has already answered questions like this. He answered it in the SBS column in the manga One Piece volume 20. The SBS is in chapter 184

A fan asks, what if a human being eats Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi? Oda finally answered. Is he a human being? Yes, replied the genius: Eichiro Oda.

He goes on and gives an explanation, which is meant to be human here, so he really became a human being. He himself is a bit hesitant, but it could be that person will become more mature, or find the soul and spirit of his true self.

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<p style= In short, the man will become more like a human being, and live as a real human being. At the end of the answer, he himself could not explain the answer in detail, and chose to escape.

Based on the narrative of Oda, practically this Devil Fruit is very useless if the man who eats it, and may be a Devil Fruit has at least no merit at all, fortunately the eater is a deer.

Imagine, this Devil Fruit-eater, if he were a human, maybe he would just be a wise man, and without the ability to fight, plus, he could not swim and weak with sea water, indeed a vain ability.

What do you think? Or do you imagine the power and other capabilities that man can get from eating this Devil Fruit? Write your idea in the comment field, yes.

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