If Happened, the Inojin and Himawari Pair Can Progress Without Obstacles


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<h4 style= Why do couples between Inojin and Himawari if it happens, can progress without hindrance? Check out some of the following reasons.

The fans never get tired of determining the pairs of the Naruto series as for example when Shikamaru is small with little Ino, or even Sasuke with Hinata.

Every fan does have their favorite characters and couples. Of course this habit also occurs in other series, including Borhor . In Boruto there are several couples favored by fans, for example just like Boruto and Sarada, Boruto and Shumire, even Himawari with Metal Lee.

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One of the quite famous couples in the Boruto series is Inojin and Himawari. Previously, it has never been shown chemistry between these two characters. Not until the anime Boruto episode 33.

In episode 33, fans of Inojin and Himawari couple must be happy right now, because the moment of the couple is really presented nicely. What if the Inojin and Himawari couples happen? Will they go forward without a hitch? Very likely, and the following is the reason.


Both Have the Same Hobby

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<p style= In episode 33, the ability and desire to draw Inojin is sluggish. This pale-skinned blond young man feels that drawing is a hassle. In fact he even photocopy the pictures he made, because it would be inconvenient if you have to draw it one by one in a fight.

Inojin will attempt a photocopy of herself in a Ino-Shika-Cho rivalry tomorrow against a father from Chocho; Choji Akimichi. Unfortunately, the image that was turned on was not a perfect ending, and it became crushed before being hit by Chōji. Inojin tried it again with his own hand drawing but still could not, so photocopying was not the cause.

The father did not tell the reason why Inojin gamabr could not live, instead he invited Inojin to join the drawing competition for the children. For Inojin, winning in this race will be very easy, but he is wrong. The winner is Himawari Uzumaki, and Inojin considers this setting -an and is set (the author himself thinks so).

Inojin was confused about the picture, is there something wrong with the way of drawing? Incidentally, Sai was summoned to the Academy as a guest teacher, and she taught about drawing. For Sai, this is the right opportunity to educate Inojin back.

Seeing a bad picture of Boruto, but he drew it with joy, Sai also found an idea. The next day, he invited Himawari as a companion teacher for Sai at the Academy, the reason being because Himawari won the previous drawing competition.

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Inojin is more confused with his father's decision. But unlike Himawari who is amazed with the ability Inojin because it can animate an image. But because of this problem, he confessed to Himawari that he did not have a talent for the first time. Although disappointed, but Himawari understand.

When asked by Sai, it turns out Himawari likes to draw because his father is the trigger. This means, Inojin and Himawari have the same hobby, that is drawing. Of course it would be easy for this couple to fuse each other and build their relationship. At the end of the episode is also shown how the two remain active drawing together even though the Inojin issue has been resolved.

Does having the same hobby, making the couple Inojin and Himawari can go forward without a hitch? Check the next page.


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