If Goku is Sun Go Kong, Monk Tong Sam Cong Who? Bulma!?

It is common knowledge that Dragon Ball is a manga series originally inspired by the classic Journey to the West or The Journey Goes to the West. Son Goku himself is inspired by Sun Wu Kong or better known as Sun Go Kong in Indonesia.

Goku and Wu Kong have many similarities: both have sticks as weapons, clouds as vehicles, and are similar to monkeys (if Sun Go Kong is a monkey, haha!). Interestingly, Akira Toriyama himself as the creator of Dragon Ball once said that he wanted to make Goku really like a monkey like Sun Go Kong in Journey to the West

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<p class= The original design of Goku made by Toriyama

However, because according to Toriyama made Goku really like Sun Go Kong in Journey to the West is less innovative. Therefore, he tinkers with Goku's design until finally as we know it today. Akira Toriyama says that he gave Goku a tail so that this character has a uniqueness that distinguishes it from other manga characters.

Afterwards, the early story Dragon Ball became like Journey of the West where Goku et al searched for 7 Dragon balls to fulfill their wishes. Well, surely you're wondering not, who are the characters Journey of the West in the manga Dragon Ball ?

For Sun Go Kong to be Goku, then Pat Kay (Zhu Bajie) the pig's stealth to Oolong in Dragon Ball is certainly obvious! Then, what about Monk Tong Sam Chong (Tripitaka) and Wujing (Sha Wujing)? Surely many of you who think that Muten Roshi is a monk Tom Sam Chong and Kuririn is Wujing. But it was not so!

Akira Toriyama also says that Tom Sam Chong is Bulma, while Yamcha is Sha Wujing! Hmmm…. Interesting!


Early story Dragon Ball itself has feeling similar to Journey to the West . However, once entering Tenkai'ichi Budokai the story begins to develop and is different from Journey to the West .

Akira Toriyama also explained that he decided to develop the story to make Dragon Ball become more popular. At the time, he confessed that the Dragon Ball series was not so popular. Then he recalled that the most suitable words represent Goku is "I want to be stronger", and the tournament format is very popular in the manga genre Shounen so he created the Tenka'ichi Budokai tournament.

Entering Saga the characters Dragon Ball are increasingly more numerous and arguably more original than simply adapting Journey to the West . Along the way, the manga Dragon Ball was becoming more popular and became one of the best manga we know today.


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