I Choose You! Ready to Air In Indonesia! Ready For Nostalgia?


After waiting several months finally the film Pokemon entitled Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You was released in Indonesia.

Movies adapted from popular and legendary games Pokemon named Gekijouban Pocket Monster Kimi ni Kimeta! a tau in english Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! is eagerly awaited for many. Now, we can see the film in Indonesian cinema.

The reason, a post uploaded by the official account of the CGV cinema announces that Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! will be present in Indonesia on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

Suddenly fans Pokemon immediately welcomed the good news of this news. In just one hour, news about the announcement of this film has been shared 246 times on Facebook

Pokeomon The Movie: I Choose You! is special and already eagerly awaited by fans Pokemon. The reason, the film was made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the anime series of Pokemon.

Pokémon GO

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Explore the world of Pokemon in the real world and be a Pokemon Master in Pokemon Go

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! tells of the meeting of Satoshi (or Ash in the international edition Pokemon ) and Pikachu for the first time. They traveled together while looking for a legendary Pokemon named Ho-Oh.

This iconic couple faces characters we have previously met and new characters such as Trainers Verity and Sorrel, as well as mysterious new and mythical Pokemon named Mashadow.

Pokemon epic challenge and battle with a unique new story will color the beginning of the encounter of the most iconic couple in the pop culture world.

Pokemon films have been released on July 6, 2017 at the Japan Expo event in France before being released publicly in Japan on July 15, 2017. The film has also been released in the United States and UK on November 5, 2017 to November 14, 2017.

Pokemon films have gained huge profits in Japan by successfully selling as many as 436 thousand tickets in the first week of the film was released and posted a profit of 516 million yen (about Rp 54 billion).

Thanks to his incredible earnings in his first week, the film immediately landed in the position of the box office champion Japan and defeated the live action film from Gintama .

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There is a unique view of this movie in the United States where the audience is surprised to know that Pikachu can speak and have a voice like a woman. Because of this funny incident, Pokemon fans who think Pikachu is a male creature feel let down by the film.

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