How would it be if Suigetsu helped Boruto to defeat Shizuma?


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<h4> If Suigetsu helped Boruto and the others to defeat Shizuma Hoshigaki and his friends, what would it be like? </h4>
<p> In episode 31, Shizuma and his friends have been paralyzed. Shizuma has lost because he is not a suitable user for Samehada's sword, given that this sword lives and consumes a sizeable Chakra. Shizuma's level is not comparable to the previous 3 Samehada sword users, namely Fuguki, Kisame, and Killer Bee. </p>
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It is true that Shizuma and his group have been defeated, but it takes time and some battles first before Boruto and others win, even with the help of Chojuro the Mizukage. Why take a long time against Shizuma and the others despite Mizukage already there?

It happened because as a Mizukage, Chojuro certainly restrained himself from exaggeration. If he wants, then he can easily defeat Shizuma and others. However, what if we change, not Chojuro who helped Boruto, but Suigetsu?

Of course the story will be different. Unlike Chojuro, Suigetsu is a reliable killer and certainly has no compassion. Even Kisame Hoshigaki alone acknowledged that Suigetsu was the master of murder. He will not hesitate to torture and mutilate his enemy first before killing him.

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<p> Before the new era, Suigetsu also has a killing hobby. He even got annoyed when Sasuke banned killing the Samurai at the Kage 5 meeting, while Sasuke could freely kill the Samurai. </p>
<p> If Suigetsu intervenes, then he will instantly kill the Kubikiribocho holder: Hansaku Onomichi. Already holding Kubikiribocho, Suigetsu is ready to craze and slaughter other sword users. </p>
<p> Let us recall, Suigetsu has a love of swords, and wants to collect unique swords, of course the seven swords from Kirigakure are not spared from the unique swords he wishes to collect. <em> wishlist </em> Incidentally, all of his swords are in the same place. </p>
<p> In episode 31, Chojuro arrives late to the scene of Boruto against Kagura and Shizuma because he has to snatch another rebel. Certainly takes time because Chojuro refrains, what about Suigetsu? </p>
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The first goal will not be realized if the second goal is not met. Against Kisame may be difficult, but what about Shizuma? Surely Shizuma will be an easy opponent for Suigetsu, even Boruto who is still in the Academy can defeat him.

Further, perhaps Suigetsu will also fight Kagura for Hiramekarei's sake. If this point occurs, then Boruto will not remain silent, and ultimately help Kagura to defeat Suigetsu. Directly, Suigetsu also violated Orochimaru's order not to make physical contact with Shizuma's coup attempt, and indirectly opposed the peace agreement of the five villages, the problem became more complicated.

Since it will be complicated, Suigetsu does not act, though Suigetsu, the writer himself, and maybe some of you want to see Shizuma beaten up by the young man who can search for this, and do you also include? If so, write your opinion in the comment field yes.


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