How to Sih Round Two Chuunin Exams Movie Version Boruto: Naruto The Movie?

In the anime Boruto we have entered a new story line, the Chuunin Exam storyline. Actually not too new anyway, because this storyline that became the background of the movie Boruto: Naruto The Movie .

However, there is a difference between the Chuunin Exam in the anime version, with the Chuunin Exam Boruto film version. What are the differences?

For the animenya version, there are some new characters, and the addition of detail, well, indeed, Chuunin Exam Boruto movie version is how the heck did it happen? Maybe you have forgotten, here's the second half of Chuunin Exam Boruto movie version Boruto: Naruto The Movie !

In the film, there is a first test, with the theme "True or False", here, the participants are given a question, and if the answer is wrong, they fail.

Apparently, there is no right answer, eventually all the participants fall into the hole containing ink. Here the test begins, how they are able to escape from danger.

Finally, there are eight teams that qualify, but there are different versions of the movie and the animated version. The team that qualified in the anime, they were the Konohamaru team, the Moegi team, the Udon team (team 5), the Hanabi team (team 15), the Shinki team, the Yurui team, the Three Demon Twins team and another unknown team.


Chuunin Exam Boruto different movie version again in the second half. Since there is no Hanabi team or team of 15, Konoha's representatives have only three teams, namely Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon (which in the film there is no Iwabe and Denki).

The remaining five are Shinki teams, Yurui teams, Triple Senka teams, teams from Amegakure, and teams from Kusagakure. But it seems, there must be one team that was removed from the film version.

Due to a change of order, it is likely that the Hanabi team containing Sumire and his comrades will be against a tough team! Who is that? Check the next page for Chuunin Exam Boruto movie version and the difference with anime!

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