How To Learn The Invasive Jutsu That Kills Its Users?


There is a forbidden stance in Naruto's world that makes its users die. If once used can make users die, how to practice dong?

Starting from the seal stance used by the Uzumaki clan to Hachimon used by Gai and Rock Lee, a lot of the forbidden stance in the world Naruto which caused its users to be killed or dead. Well, this certainly makes us wonder: how to practice the forbidden stance if used once the moment will kill its users?

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Before reading this article further, I suggest for you to take a deep breath and make sure the fresh first thought as possible the discussion of this article will be relatively heavy and make headache dizzy.

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If in the real world, logically, we practice doing things over and over again until we finally get it done and then we can say that we can do that, for example, we practice three-point throws in basketball, we do throwing practice from three digits until we can put the ball into the basketball hoop.

That's when we just can "do" a three-point shot. Certainly, the problem of his baseball or success-the failure of us in that case at another time is another matter. The important thing here is: can -and to make sure of it, at least we should be able to do it once .

Well, using the same logic, can a ninja be called "able" to use a forbidden stance if it kills the user? For example, as I mentioned earlier, hachimon where users can open the chakra gates that exist in his body. If the eighth gate is opened, then the user will die.

How does Guy know he can use the eighth gate if he opens the gate to the eight-say at practice-then the user dies? As we know, in the Naruto series Gai but it is always shown that he really mastered it.

The same is also questionable on the forbidden moves such as Shiki Fujin used by the 3rd Hokage to seal Orochimaru or 4th Hokage to seal the Kyuubi by summoning the Shinigami.

If summoning a Shinigami alone can kill its users, how would we or their users know if they could use Shiki Fujin ?

Or Kisho Tensei used by Chiyo to revive Gaara? Or other forbidden moves that once used will kill the user? How do they know they "can" use it if once "can" then they will be killed?


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This certainly creates a paradox that is quite confusing. Nevertheless, there are several possible explanations that make sense to explain the paradox phenomenon of this illicit stance. Well, even so, this explanation does not apply to all illicit tricks.

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