How Shanks Meet the Gorosei ?! Enemy Entry Headquarters How Could? Probably Because of It!

Well how can Shanks meet with Gorosei? What does it mean here, why did he get into Mariejois so easily? Though Shanks is one of Gorosei's main enemies, you know!

Perhaps when it comes to "who the pirates Shanks wants to discuss with Gorosei", there are many who have made the speculation, yes.

Author's question here exactly, how can Shanks get into Mariejois easily? In addition, Shanks encounters the Gorosei also allowed by the five old men, even to be heard what Shanks said later.


Gorosei is indeed full of mystery, and the view of fans to Gorosei to date is their main enemy in the story One Piece. They have several ways including utilizing the Celestial Dragon, directing CP-0, controlling the Navy, and also forming the Shichibukai.

Yonko himself was one of the main enemies of the World Government (in addition to the Revolutionary forces), which was led by the Gorosei, and so they created the Shichibukai as the third force between the Navy and the Yonko (two of the three great powers were controlled by Gorosei) .

However, why is the obvious Shanks a Yonko able to enter and be accepted at Mariejois, even meet directly with the Gorosei? Maybe this is some of the reasons!



Shanks: The Most Normal Yonko



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<p> Pirates remain pirates, especially the famous Yonko possessing unique traits and personality, is no exception to Shanks, but Shanks seems more polite and knows good faith. </p>
<p> Now let's take another example of Yonko. If Kaido infiltrated (somehow) into Mariejois, then said he wanted to talk to Gorosei, would Gorosei also accept it with open arms? The answer is certainly not. </p>
<p> Kaido may be just calm in the first 3 minutes of talks, the rest of the room will be destroyed, it seems to apply also to Big Mom, if Blackbeard does, the author himself is also confused, because he is wild but still has common sense. </p>
<p> If this is Shanks, perhaps Gorosei already knows the nature of this Yonko, and more believes by the end of this conversation and lets Shanks say what he wants to say. </p>
<p> <strong> Well what might be the factor not in Shanks, but in the Goroseinya, then from that Shanks encounter with Gorosei can happen? We discuss in the next page, let's check the second page! </strong> </p>
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