How Much Does It Cost To Make Visual Novel Anime? It's The Answer


Want to know how much it costs to make visual novel anime? Boss Key told the leaked figures in this article.

Among the mainly visual novel anime lovers must be wondering how much it costs to incur if there is a visual novel wanting to be adapted into an anime?

This question was answered by a director of the famous game developer Key thanks to making a successful visual novel slicing the heart and making visual novel lovers cry like Kanon, Air, Clannad and Little Buster .

The answer was revealed in an interview with Japan pop culture website KAI-YOU, President of Visual Art / Key Takahiro Baba on Friday, December 1, 2017 yesterday.

In the interview he talked about the anime film project Kud Water at the same time explaining the cost to create a visual novel into the anime medium.

Baba says, "the cost of producing a visual novel such as Key could reach 10 million to 100 million yen (1.3 billion to 13 billion rupiahs), but the production cost to make an anime with 13 episodes takes 400 million yen (about Rp52 billion) so it is a big risk. "

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"If it were a big company, they could produce an anime even with one sponsor, but we can not be like that."

To realize the project Kud Water itself became an anime film. The Key Party used a crowdfunding system or a mass joint venture due to the price increase of the anime making process.

Baba hopes that his team can make an anime movie Kud Water alone with the help of Key fans who have a considerable base because of their previous great work.

While getting Rp52 billion is quite difficult on paper but this joint project has received a positive response in the international eye. Crowdfunding of Kud Water alone had reached their first target of 3 million yen for the first five days of October.

The crowdfunding process was completed on Thursday, February 14, 2017 yesterday and raised as much as 8.9 million yen from 352 backers or supporters.

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