How is the fate of Katakuri after the Whole Cake Island groove? Here is the Speculation!

Speculation of the fate of Katakuri was written before chapter One Piece 894 release. So it really is not recommended for those who have not read his manga up to 893 to continue reading this article.

For those who have read or do not mind spoiler go review below!


Initially, the speculation of the fate of Katakuri after the Whole Cake Island groove could still be imagined by OPLovers. What is clear this big Mom's tough boy is going to lose, Luffy takes Sanji out of Whole Cake Island, and the conflict will turn to Kaido.

However One Piece 893 shows the interesting side of the Katakuri. He may care for his family, but he has one element that is so rarely owned by members of the Charlotte family: respect for the enemy.

For this matter, the nature of the Katakuri even feels so knight. Do not thank Luffy ridiculed Flampe, he deliberately showed his jaw to his sister. Of course he was laughed at, but this time Katakuri was not provoked by anger. He only accepted the resignation of a mockery which, from a flashback, had been received since childhood.


The cause? In addition to Luffy with the males returning to the Mirror World, and his ability is growing, perhaps Katakuri is amazed that Luffy never ridiculed his mouth shape throughout the fight.

Even after Katakuri acknowledged his own weaknesses (Kenbunshoku Haki is distracted when the user's focus is dispersed), Luffy still does not bring up Katakuri's mouth and teeth to keep his concentration shattered. The author will not be surprised if at the end of this fight Luffy will say if he feels no problem with the mouth Katakuri, and there's nothing wrong to have a hobby to eat.

When that happens, the Katakuri may well establish itself and make some big decisions.

1. Replacing Big Mom's Pirate Leadership Chair

When Big Mom really dies on this groove (either because of Sanji's cake, Bege's attempted murder, or other factors), there must be a person who replaced his position as head of the pirate group.

Katakuri whose self-confidence increases after the fight Luffy will probably occupy that position. It could be because of his own initiative, it could also be because he was trusted by his brother.


But … in a way this is the fate of the most dangerous Katakuri. When a Yonko falls, many will try to attack him. Katakuri can deal with tough enemies like Marshall D. Teach or Edward Weevil.

That also he still must be wary of his family tendency to stab each other. When Big Mom still leads her children have been left to conflict with each other. Although strong, Katakuri will not be able to stop his own family split. He has no charisma and threats as Big Mom shows.

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Another possibility of the fate of Katakuri after Whole Cake Island can you read on the second page!

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