How is Naruto Hollywood Movie? This is the Latest Development!

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The first time preaches the Hollywood movie Naruto is August 1, 2015. Since then the development of the film is pretty slow. Sometimes there is news about Kishimoto's approval of the work, but there is no disclosure of who the elected actor is, where the shoot is, and when the movie itself will be released.


Collider interviewed Michael Gracey, the director who was responsible for directing the film. Here is his response:

"Honestly, I'm not sure it will be my next movie. You know Kishimoto, who created the original series, is a genius. There are a lot of Hollywood adaptations from popular manga series that can not present the story correctly, and for me the most important is if I have to work on Naruto then I want to really work with Kishimoto and get the script to the stage where he sees it and is eager to make it happen. Because no one in this world knows better than the one who created it. "

Gracey further says:

"So for me, for now, we are still working on the script. Because until the manuscript is at a level that makes me excited, I have no interest in destroying an incredible franchise as it once was. But I think the great thing is that everything involved, from Lionsgate to the producer, has the same opinion. Everyone knows how valuable this property is and I think it's great fun, and I love the work I can do up to now. At this level, no one will start production until we get a script that gets everyone excited. So whether this movie will be my next movie, I do not know. We must wait and see. "

Admittedly, although the Naruto Hollywood movie seems to be a long time coming true, the way Gracey and Lionsgate manifest this project seems right. Instead of hurrying to get the money, like Dragon Ball Evolution first, they seem to really want the script approved. Kishimoto used to take further action.

About Michael Gracey

The first time the Hollywood film project Naruto was announced, Gracey is a name that is still unknown. No wonder because he works more often on visual effects.

But there's a big hit movie in 2017: The Greatest Showman . Even in Indonesia alone this movie sounded echo. The film itself is quite successful at box office although the critical response in Rotten Tomatoes tends to be ordinary. (55% of the 204 critics think the film is okay).

Let's see if Gracey is able to present Naruto's story successfully

Source: Collider

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