How Is It If Fishman Eats Devil Fruits? Can He Swim?


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<h4 style= Fishman in the world One Piece has a unique ability, which can adapt in seawater, but what if Fishman ate the Devil Fruit?

This case has already been answered in the anime and manganya itself. Fishman's character eating Devil Fruit is certainly just one in the story so far, Vander Decken IX. Can he swim?


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Vander Decken IX is a devil-eating Fishman Mato Mato no Mi. This type of fruit is Paramecia, and makes its users able to mark specific targets, both human and inanimate objects, and whatever is directed by the user Mato Mato no Mi will continue to pursue targets that have been marked to hit (or destroyed in the middle).

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<p style= For Vander Decken, the Devil Fruit power is actually a curse, why? Clearly the answer, Devil Fruit does not know the race, anyone who eats this fruit, then they will feel the impact, which is losing the ability to swim.

Unfortunately again, swimming and breathing in water are the hallmarks and advantages of a Fishman, if likened to a human being, a Fishman who eats a Devil Fruit like a human who loses his walking ability.

However, Fishman can essentially be in the ocean water, Vander Decken may not be able to swim, but, will Vander Decken sink to the bottom of the ocean? The answer is certainly drowning. As mentioned above, the Devil Fruit does not know the race, and Fishman will be "hated" by the sea.

Vander Decken always wore Coating or a protective bubble of water and underwater pressure, including when he came to Fishman island and when he was allied with Hody Jones.

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<p style= If we look again, it is actually a Fishman who eats Devil Fruit as it throws 40% of his potential. Indeed not all Fishman has great ability, but the ability of Fishman Karate that can manipulate water and also the ability to swim and breathe in the sea can be its own advantages against human users of Devil Fruit.

Do you think that in the future there will be other Devil Fruit Fishman users other than Vander Decken? Write your opinion in the comment field, yes.


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