Hope Grows! How to Save Kaneki Found!


How to save Kaneki? Is that easy to do? Check out the manga Tokyo Ghou: Re chapter 151 following!

Kaneki is currently still a gigantic monster that destroys the city. Her small body is between the gigantic bodies of the great Kagune issued by Kaneki to form a monster.

In chapter before, CCG and Ghoul could finally work together. These two bitter enemies work together because they have the same enemy, the Kaneki monster. The difference, Ghoul Goat's forces want to save Kaneki, their king.

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<p style= Not only the CCG and Ghoul, but the Japanese defense forces or GSDF and the police also joined in this mission, so the process of conquering the Kaneki monster became one of the greatest Ghoul conquest operations ever experienced by Japan (in this story).

With a big body, hard, and also strong, how to conquer Kaneki? In chapter 151, there has been found a way to defeat Kaneki with the possibility of saving him, though it has not been proved whether this will be successful or not.

Initially, this information was obtained from three small Ghouls of Ward 24, on Naagaraj or Naagaraja. When Naagaraj went berserk with his giant body at Ward 24, all the Ghouls there immediately wounded Naagaraj's eyes, until the King of the Underground became a stone.

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Touka interpreted all three children's explanations to Marude and Suzuya. Kimi who was also there as Kanou's assistant representative also confirmed the possibility of it happening. In Ghoul's Kagune formed from RC cells, there is usually a motif like the eye.

According to Ayato, the body of his brother-in-law was likely to be near one eye in the giant Kagune tubh. Bright spot has been found, just how to think about how to find Kaneki in one eye only. Kimi thinks the possibility of Kaneki search will be easier to use sonar, so it can shorten the search time.

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<p style= After thinking of a plan to save Kaneki, finally Nishio can meet again with her lover after so long, Kimi. For Kimi, this is a miracle, in which man and Ghoul can finally work together.

Nishio thinks of something different. For him, it is unlikely that humans could easily accept the Ghoul, given that there is now a gigantic Ghoul that devastated Tokyo and killed dozens to hundreds of lives overnight.

Kimi reassures, that humans and Ghoul live together are very likely to happen. The giant monster, Kaneki is the man who became Ghoul, and it is all caused by human deeds (Kanou), so humans are also wrong in this case.

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<p style= Even while they're talking, out there the police and Ghoul are working hand in hand to help evacuated residents. Touka and Hide are watching the Kaneki monster from a distance.

Touka asks whether the mask worn by Hide is not hot? Hide also agrees and opens his mask, showing his mouth to Touka, but is portrayed with a black shadow, making the reader even more curious.

Hide asks, when Touka starts liking Kaneki. With a bit of shyness, Touka says that he started to love Kaneki when the young man said he could not live if Touka died. This is where Touka realizes that Kaneki often helps him first.

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<p style= Touka also explains that Kaneki did not give the ring, instead Touka who gave the wedding ring to Kaneki. Here Touka realizes something, that is a ring. What do Touka think about the ring? According to the author himself, it is a way of finding Kaneki in the body of Kagune Dragon.

That's the manga discussion Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 151. What do you think? It seems that in chapter ahead, Kaneki's rescue operation will begin to take place.


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