Hokkaido Arc 1, The Beginning of Kenshin Himura's New Adventure


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<h4> You fan Kenshin Himura? Well then good news, Kenshin's adventure has begun in <em> Hokkaido Arc </em> 1! What interesting thing happened in this chapter? </h4>
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For most people, the Kenshin Himura adventure has ended against Shishio. Because the anime version Rurouni Kenshin did not continue to tell the plot afterwards. The audience only served filler prolonged until the series was finished.

The manga reader may know that Kenshin's adventure afterwards continues with Enishi Yukishiro. Then Kenshin's adventure ended. He has children with Kaoru, Sakabato he passed down to Yahiko, and he lived his days in peace.

Yet now, in Hokkaido Arc 1, Kenshin Himura again draws a sword.


New Member Dojo Kamiya

Still remember the times where Kamiya's tojo is always empty? In chapter Hokkaido Arc 1, it is shown that Kaoru has gone through these tough times. His dojo is full of students. There was even one prominent student: a white boy with a very unique trait named Alan.

Alan was quickly tricked by Yahiko, whose fighting ability has evolved considerably over the past. But from the design of his character, name, and debut, it seems that this one guy will have his own role later.


Kenji Himura

For those who stop following the story of Kenshin in the anime only, maybe you will be surprised to see this one child. Yes, Kaoru and Kenshin have sons now. His name is Kenji Himura.

Now he looks very ridiculous, since he even hands over Kamiya Kasshin's secret book of science to Alan only by bribe snack . But as Kaoru puts it here, Kenji will be inherited by Kamijo's dojo sometime in the future.

Despite the peaceful atmosphere, the responsibility as the heir of the dojo will ensure Kenji gets sword training. Considering he had the blood of a Battosai in his veins, it seems that this one guy will grow as great as his father sometime later.


Sanosuke Still Flee to America

In the epilogue, it was said that Sanosuke became an adventurer and traveled the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that the technical user Futae no Kiwami does not appear in the chapter Hokkaido Arc 1. But you can see his face here. Apparently Akabeko's restaurant put up a warning so she would not be given a chance to eat, because her debts had accumulated and she'd run off before paying.

Do you think Sanosuke will appear again in this chapter?

But that's not the only exciting thing from Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc 1. Check the follow-up discussion on the second page!


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