Hmm, Will Sandai Kitetsu Zoro Be Destroyed? It's Speculation!

Zoro has several times been forced to change his sword. Still remember Yubashiri? One sword was destroyed by being rusty by a member of the Navy at the Battle of Enies Lobby. Then there are also two broken swords after Zoro try to launch Sanzen Sekai to Mihawk.

Well, Zoro's sword is still quite strong. Everything belongs to Meito, you know! There are Wado Ichimonji and Shusui, who are both in category 21 O Wazamono. Then there is Sandai Kitetsu, who is Wazamono.

Will the three swords survive to the end One Piece ? Does not seem. The author calculates that Sandai Kitetsu Zoro was destroyed in the near future.

Sandai Kitetsu Behind His Class

The author suspects Sandai Kitetsu Zoro is destroyed this is because of his other two sword class. Shusui, given by zombies Ryuma, and Wado Ichimonji are both part of 21 O Wazamono. For quality measures, each of the two swords only lost to 12 Saijo O Wazamono.

Meanwhile, already mentioned before, the class of Sandai Kitetsu "only" Wazamono. This sword is amazing, proved after Zoro was able to rely on it since Loguetown up in Dressrosa. But it seems that the sword is coming to an end, like Yubashiri once. Then Zoro will get a replacement that is at least at level 21 O Wazamono.


Continue what instead?

Well, the writer feels Zoro will still use the sword from the Kitetsu series. However he will upgrade using Shodai Kitetsu, a sword that was mentioned by Ippon-Matsu in Loguetown first.

For the uninitiated, or forgotten, Kitetsu is indeed a sword series. Sandai means third generation, while Shodai is the first generation. Well, he said ya, the greater the generation actually the quality of the sword is also lower.

Therefore, Shodai Kitetsu is supposed to be the strongest version of Kitetsu. One Piece wikis even include Shodai Kitetsu at level 12 Saijo O Wazamono, the same level as Yoru used by Mihawk.

How does Zoro get Shodai Kitetsu? It is certain that he must face first with his users, the exact swordsman – just like Zoro – can defeat the curse effect of Kitetsu.

That is the opinion of the author about the possibility of Sandai Kitetsu Zoro destroyed in the future. What do you think? Maybe you even think Zoro will use Kitetsu generation one, two, and three at a time? Convey in the comment field!

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