Hmm, One Piece Revolutionary Troop Member It's Unique!

The discussion below may contain leaks to the unread (19459004) One Piece 904. So if you really do not want to hit spoiler it is advisable to think twice before further reading.

If you are already read and curious, or do not mind leaks, please refer to the reviews below.


The member of the revolutionary forces One Piece which most interest the author in chapter 904 is not the Betty sexy or the weird giant Morley.

What stole the writer's attention was the Karasu the crow.

Can be spelled out, just Betty alone whose ability is clear. He can encourage many people with his flag. Morley can manipulate the land like Pica and Senor Pink, but the way it works looks different from the two Doflamingo men.

Karasu? The author even confused whether Karasu's actual abilities were Zoan or Paramecia.

In this panel, Karasu seems to turn some of his body into a crow. Yep, if you take a good look, Karasu loses half his lower body as he takes off each of the crows. Each of the ravens then seemed to move according to the will of Karasu, stealing Pinkbeard's pirate gunmen.

It also confirms that in chapter 794, Karasu has actually appeared. There are confused OPLovers who Sabo talked to whom while riding a crow. What's with Hack? After Chapter 904, it is clear that Sabo actually spoke with Karasu, who turned his whole body into a crow.

The problem is this: with the transformation of birds, this member of the Revolutionary Army should be Zoan type. But so far birds of Devil Fruit species of birds, like Pell, yes just turned into a bird man. Not a collection of crows

So curious too yes actually Karasu's full capability is like what. Maybe later Oda will explain it more, since Karasu and the commanders will indeed go to Reverie to start the war with Tenryubito.

What is the real cause of Karasu's uniqueness? Continue discussing the uniqueness of the members of this Revolutionary Force you can read on the second page!

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