Hmm, It's an Interesting Relationship Between Seal Karma and Jougan Boruto!

Manga Boruto chapter 23 finally gives interesting pieces of information about the mysterious seal of Boruto.

In the manga, this seal comes after Boruto kills Momoshiki with a Fruit-Son Rasengan. This seal has so far had a positive and negative impact. Negative, when fighting Shojoji this seal suddenly makes Boruto lose power and can not use Rasengan. When in fact it was a battle he had won.

Positively, this seal also gives Rinnegan similar ability in the hands of Momoshiki, which is absorbing jutsu. This is very useful when Konohamaru almost became a fired shinobi because of fire jutsu Kashin Koji.

Is there a connection between Karma's seal and Jougan Boruto? Let's see.



Both Will Be Held by Boruto in Manga Nor Anime



So far, Jougan is less visible in the manga. Meanwhile, in the anime seal Karma was not even seen owned by Boruto.

But these two privileges will eventually be owned by Boruto, both in anime and manga. So Jougan is not exclusively only owned by the anime version of Boruto, while Karma is exclusively courtesy of the manga version of Boruto.

Look at the picture above. Before facing Kawaki, Boruto has activated Jougan and his Karma seal at once. This happened in the manga and anime versions, so it seems that Ukyo Kodachi is already coordinating with the anime staff for this detail.



Both Are Giving Otsutsuki



Interestingly, both Jougan and Karma seals are both sourced from members of the Otsutsuki clan.

The Urashiki Otsutsuki dialog with Toneri reveals that Urashiki knows Toneri is doing something to Boruto. After this dialogue, Boruto was shown to feel something happening on the moon. He held his eyes that could become Jougan.

I do not know exactly what effect Jougan wants to achieve Toneri, but this Urashiki and Toneri dialogue shows that Jougan is indeed from Toneri.

Meanwhile, Karma's own seal began to appear in Boruto's hands after his mysterious dialogue with Momoshiki Otsutsuki, just after Momoshiki was destroyed by the effects of the Rasengan.

So actually Boruto has two forces whose source is from the Otsutsuki clan. Unique as well yes. While his father is a Jinchuriki, Boruto seems to be carving a trail as a man who harnesses Otsutsuki's power.

Interesting things about the seal relationship of Karma and Jougan Boruto can you check on the second page!

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