Hmm, Is This The Revolutionary Force's Existence In Mariejois's Guide to One Piece 905?

Discussion of the existence of the Revolutionary Forces in Mariejois may contain spoilers for unread One Piece chapter 905. If you are anti-leaked, it is not recommended to read the discussion below.



One Piece chapter 905 shows Reverie's situation starting to heat up. The kings began to attend, though some contingents were still on the way. (Alabasta, Prodence, and Dressrosa). Admiral Ryokugyu and Fujitora are already at Mariejois. Even Garp was nearby if there was a danger of threatening the event.

But not only the kings and navies are present.

Sabo has been shown on his way to Mariejois, disguised as a soldier. Laughingly, he stood beside his brother, Stelly, who was unaware of Sabo's existence.

But it should not be just Sabo who is in Mariejois.

In Kamabakka, only Koala and Betty show. Where is Karasu? Lindbergh? Morley? In fact actually where Ivankov and Dragon?

There are several clues to the existence of the Revolutionary Forces in Mariejois.

First, Stelly claims to see a giant peeking off a cliff. He holds the harpoon. Maybe some of you think that Stelly meant King Neptune. But …

Remember, Morley's weapon is a harpoon. Not only that, he also can easily move on the ground. It seems that he too can easily ascend to Mariejois via a high cliff.

Then see also this.

These crows most likely are Karasu, who has changed his whole body. Therefore there is a comment that if rare once a crow flying this high. In addition, it should be noted also that Sabo is very confident that they will not destroy the bubbles. It is impossible for the crows to destroy the bubbles when the main target, Tenryuubito, is not there.

So, almost all Commanders of the Revolutionary Army are present in time to Reverie. This could be a danger to Tenryuubito.

The power of Morley makes me think that the Revolutionary Army is about to infiltrate Mariejois, they must have been able to do it long ago.

The author began to think that there is a good reason for Dragon to start the war against Tenryuubito now. Could he have found a certain secret, and he intends to dismantle it in front of the world? The Reverie Council itself should be covered by journalists from countries from across the ocean. Big News Morgans alone is present.

Now that's a clue to the existence of the Revolutionary Forces in Mariejois. What do you think? Could this really hint the whereabouts of Morley and Karasu? Where's the Dragon and Ivankov? Convey in the comment field!

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