Hisoka plan kills Genei Ryodan Starting Seen in Hunter x Hunter 377?

Discussion of interesting events in Hunter x Hunter 377 this clearly contains spoiler . If you're actually still looking for your own chapter and anti-leak, you're mistaking the article.

But if you are already reading and curious, or do not mind leaks, please continue reading the reviews below.


For the writer, Hisoka's action of hunting Genei Ryodan is even more interesting than the title plot of heir to the Kakin Empire. Genei Ryodan is a collection of super bandits. Although they have lost a number of fighters, there are still those who can create a miniature sun or have a skill stolen collection. Hisoka will not just appear and face them frontally, it is certain he will do something, such as hunting one by one starting from the weakest.

Hunter x Hunter 377 then shows interesting disclosures.



Illumi Now Member of Genei Ryodan



In the past, the number 11 Genei Ryodan was filled by Uvogin. Now that number has been filled by a new face: Illumi Zoldyck, brother of Kalluto.

The problem is this: since the Hunter's first test run, Illumi and Hisoka are more often seen working together than fighting each other.

Illumi himself admits that he joined Genei Ryodan because of Hisoka. But he says that he always believes he and Hisoka will kill each other, and this time they will actually do it.

Illumi then submits that Hisoka proposes a contract of murder. The target is Hisoka alone. If Hisoka dies, Illumi will still get the promised paycheck.

Really? There is one other suspicious factor.



Chrollo Can Not Use Lovely Ghostwriter



Shizuku (the predicted Genei Ryodan member will die) ask for fortune telling to help his team. But surprisingly Chrollo can not do it, because without his knowledge Lovely Ghostwriter is gone from his book.

So far, the only way that skill Chrollo's stolen is lost from the book is only when the true owner skill is dead.

Lovely Ghostwriter delivers the prophecy firmly. Perhaps the language is somewhat confusing, but ultimately the prediction of skill Nen is always manifest. If, for example, in the future you will work together to finish off the Genei Ryodan, then that will be written.

While in Yorknew, Hisoka must use his Nen ability to hide himself to work with Kurapika, and he will fight Chrollo. If only he had no skill such manipulation, he might have been beaten there.

Now, Chrollo can not make new predictions. In fact Genei Ryodan newly found one new member who has a background working with Hisoka. A very interesting coincidence.

A summary of the author's theory of this disclosure can you read on the second page!

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