His Royal Highness Takeshi Fortress Planning to Make Anime Loh!


Takeshi Kitano or more often known as the king in the event Takeshi Castle is planning to make anime tablets. What kind of an anime made by our Majesty this one.

Perhaps among readers Duniaku.net must have known the figure of His Majesty in the event Takeshi Castle which always adorns the screen of glass in our childhood. But few know that the Honorable of the event is Takeshi Kitano is an actor, director, writer, singer, film editor scriptwriter, even to painter.

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Takeshi Takeshi's masterpiece has been awarded various awards in Japan and internationally made his director's career in Japan undoubtedly.

Takeshi Kitano in the Takeshi Fortress

Daisuke Aramaki exhibit in adaptation live action Ghost In The Shell this Hollywood version did not like the overall aninmation and it was expressed in the year 2014 yesterday. However, it looks like he wants to try out what it's like to make an animation or anime in his latest movie project later.

In an event dubbed Takeshi no Daremo Shiranai Densetsu ~ Nippon no Tensai-tachi 2017 ~ ( Legendary Story That Nobody Knows) aired by TV Tokyo on Saturday, December 30, 2017 yesterday sang what the theme to be lifted in his latest film.

In response, Kitano says that he is considering making romance because he says that he has never made a love-love movie before.

Kitano has just written his romance first novel Analog and has been published in Japan on September 22nd. Kitano said of the novel in the program, "I wrote it for use as a movie, but I tried to make it as a novel."

Kitano does not mention that he plans to turn his novel into a film as his next film, but he refers to the book to discuss his plans to make romance .

Furthermore, Kitano says, "Regarding the original work, the one who read it will imagine the character in his own way." He added, "Since there is a possibility people will say that this actor will be different from this book, I think that this novel will adapted into an anime. "


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Kitano's interest in the anime world came when one of the anime movies Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni won Best Film at the 26th Asian Sports Film Awards this year, Kitano asked filmmakers live action and the players to reevaluate their work. He asked the creator of live action to judge why their movie "lost" with anime that could win many awards and be liked by everyone around the world.

It is worth the wait, whether the promise of His Excellency Takeshi Fort will soon be done to make an anime romance that can knock the hearts of his audience and when the results are good we will be able to say "Very good Your Majesty."

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