Himawari Can Be More Popular than Boruto ?! Here are 4 Reasons!

When you are old enough to be adventurous with her sister, Himawari may be more popular than Boruto. This is the reason!

Gen excels Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga really seen in Boruto. Though noisy and playful, Boruto has a dilute brain and fighting ability that can even defeat chunin. It also has a number of potentials that have not been fully revealed, such as Jougan.

When Boruto gained knowledge at the Academy, and then graduated into genin, Himawari still spends time with his mother at home. The reason is that he is too small to be involved in his sister's adventures, which is sometimes very dangerous.

But from the looks so far, Himawari can be more popular than Boruto lho when it's time he ventured. This is why!


                        Potential So Neji Second


As children in the peace era, there is no indication that Naruto and Hinata had taught Himawari the fighting technique.

Even so, Byakugan Himawari has risen just because of the trivial problem. (Boruto accidentally damaged his doll). Not only that, this successful Byakugan app makes Naruto and Kurama K.O. both! Naruto was unable to attend his own coronation due to his youngest son's attack.

No wonder this power show makes many Navers feel Himawari has the potential to become a figure known as a genius, like Neji the uncle. Especially if his grandfather or aunts from the Hyuga family decide to train Himawari.


                        The Likely Behavior of Her Brother


Born of a wealthy family, with an overly busy father and mother too good, Boruto grew up as a rather brash boy. Boruto rarely shows respect to anyone, including the Konoha heroes, because they are so close to his father.

From this side of nature Himawari can be more popular than Boruto. Although still small, Himawari seems to have understood the responsibilities of his father better than Boruto, who only really understood when the Fruit-Son Rasengan.

Himawari also tend to be always polite or friendly in interacting with someone. Especially as he deals with more mature people.

Because of this nature, Himawari can be easier to get sympathy than his brother when in trouble.

Himawari's closer to his mother's character also opens up the opportunity for him to absorb the lessons of others more effectively, rather than his siblings who often gloss things up until he is beaten. (Just look at the Academy graduation exam).

Another reason why Himawari can be more popular than Boruto can you check on the second page!

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