High Comparison of One Piece Character with Real World, Everything is Giant!

Roughly, if the characters of the anime and manga One Piece are present in the real world, what would be the height of the character? One Piece

Ever imagined before? Do not just imagine, let's look at the height ratio of the characters One Piece with something in the real world, from other humans, vehicles, to buildings!

Are all the characters One Piece is it a giant? Or not? Are you curious? Let's just jump straight to the height ratio of the One Piece character with everything in the real world!



Chopper – Little Boy (90 cm)



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<p> Chopper in the form <em> hybrid </em> (not the deer), is the smallest member of all members of the Straw Hat Pirate group. </p>
<p> He has a height of 90 cm, which means the same as a child aged 3 years to 5 years in the real world. </p>
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Luffy – Normal Man (174 cm)



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<p> Although Luffy is somewhat shorter than some of the other characters in the anime and manga stories <em> One Piece </em>but apparently in the real world, Luffy is already high. </p>
<p> He has a height of 174 cm, which is just like most normal human beings in the real world. </p>
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Brook – Highest Man (277 cm)



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<p> Brook has a height of 277 cm, and became the second highest member after Jinbe (301 cm). Do you think people in the real world are as tall as Brook? Apparently there is! </p>
<p> His name is Robert Wadlow, and he was named the supreme man in the world. He has a height of 272 cm, even 5 cm shorter than Brook. </p>
<h4> <strong> This is still compared to humans, on the front page, humans can not compete with high characters <em> One Piece </em>! Curious? Check the second page! </strong> </h4>
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