Here's Why You Should Watch Anime Black Clover, Anime Substitute Serial Naruto


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<h4 style= You're a fan of the Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Haikyuu series series? It never hurts to watch an anime Black Clover that just aired in this Fall season . Let's check the reason below!


Lifting Theme From Zero to Hero

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<p style= Just as with the serial Naruto and Haikyuu the anime Black Clover took up the theme from zero to hero . The point is that throughout this anime will tell the story of the main character who at first could not do anything, but in the end they became the strongest character.

The essence of the story of this anime is in an age where everyone can use witchcraft, only Asta does not have any magical ability. While a friend since childhood, Yuno, is one of the greatest wizards in their village. Asta was not discouraged and wanted to become Wizard King so that the poor as they could enjoy a decent life.

In addition, you can also see friendship and also rivalry from Asta and Yuno, just as the relationship between Naruto with Sasuke on Naruto series as well as Hinata with Kageyama on the series Haikyuu . The difference in nature between the cheerful Asta and the silent Yuno is also an interesting point in this anime.


High Image Quality

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<p style= Image quality is one of the things to consider when watching anime. Do not worry! Anime Black Clover It has a high image quality so of course you can enjoy the storyline well. Especially since this anime lifts the magical elements, the effects used also look very neat and cool.

Unfortunately, indeed the nuances raised in this anime are a bit dark so you will often see colors like black and gray. Nevertheless, still does not reduce the quality of the picture really!

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The Stupid Voice

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<p style= Often feel sleepy and bored when watching anime? You will not feel those two things when watching the anime Black Clover because the main character, Asta, has a very excited voice.

It's been said that Asta is such a scene, even in almost every episode of her animation, Asta is always shouting. But after he made it into one of squad named Black Bull, it turns out that almost all of its members often shout. Guaranteed you will feel excited when watching their action.


Airing a total of 51 Episodes

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<p style= Black Clover is lifted from a manga entitled the same works of Yuki Tabata. The plan, this anime will air as many as 51 episodes starting from October 3, 2017 ago.

If the episode is going to be that much, then it is expected that this anime will be finished in October 2018. The advantage of this much episode is that we can see character development in more detail. The plot of the story will not seem to rush.

In addition, other 19459005 points [51] are 51 episodes that will be aired continuously so we do not have to wait for some season to be able to witness the connection of the story.

Well, that's the reason why you're obliged to watch anime Black Clover . If you guys are already following this anime, yuk share your opinion in the comment field!

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