Here's What If Naruto's Fans Flocked Naruto-style!

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<figcaption class= Source: Facebook @Marquee Adam

] BELIEVE IT! The event that started from this fad really happened! What did Naruto run in the event Comic Frontier 9 ? Check out the coverage of !

Comic Frontier 9 last week was very lively. In addition to enlivened by various circles and many guest stars, there is an impromptu event that is not less exciting and attracted the attention of visitors Comifuro 9. Do you remember the discourse of running with style like Naruto to be performed on the show Comic Frontier 9 ?

That really happened! During the 2 day CF9 event, the agenda Naruto Run was held. Dozens of people enthusiastic about this impromptu event gathered in the front yard of the entrance at 3 pm before starting to run, as directed by the event organizer and some volunteers.

The show itself is doing a run with style like Naruto together. This ninja troupe ran from the front entrance of the entrance as a starting point, then ran around the basement basement to return to the start as the end of the running route. On the first day, the participants ran 3 times around. And Naruto Run on the second day is done as much as 2 times around.

Like what he called Naruto Run on Comic Frontier 9? For those who do not have time to participate Naruto Run let alone who did not get to Comifuro 9, you can see some pictures and videos that capture the thrill of the moment chasing the street ninja number one! Consider the documentation of Naruto Run Comic Frontier 9 below!

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<figcaption class= Well, there is an Indonesian flag carrying in Naruto Run action Source: Facebook Event Page Naruto Run Comic Frontier 9
 Naruto Run Comic Frontier 9 "width =" 597 "height =" 800 "/> 
<figcaption class= Even T-Rex wants to pursue his Ninja Path. Source: Facebook Event Page Naruto Run Comic Frontier 9

For the action that the preparation time is not so much, Naruto Run runs in an orderly manner and is greeted with great fanfare both by the participants of the action as well visitors Comic Frontier 9. Even on the action on the second day, there are cosplayer Naruto and Sasuke who took the lead run. And also there were some funny cosplay like T-rex and No Face from Spirited Away chasing their Ninja way.

 Naruto Run Comic Frontier 9 Naruto and Sasuke lead the run line Source: Facebook Event Page Naruto Run Comic Frontier 9 </figcaption></figure>
<p> Contributors personally feel the thrill <em> Naruto Run </em> on the second day even though only able to do a one-time tour only. This running event is very exciting because people run with compact while voicing their ninja spirit aloud. </p>
<p> Although there were few incidents of falling on the run, the participants responded swiftly to the fall incident so the activity continued to be conducive and no one was hurt. The event <em> Naruto Run </em> can be regarded as a huge successful impromptu event. </p>
<h4> Out of curiosity, after running, my Duniaku contributor decided to interview this impromptu Naruto Run event organizer, Marquee Adam. What does the interview look like? Click next page! </h4>
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