Here's the Zoid List of the Strongest Zoids Series! Is Your Favorite?

What's the most popular zoid in the series? What has the mad speed and deadly laser paws? Or who uses the legendary particle cannons? Here's a list of the most powerful Zoos in the series!

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Blade Liger

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This Zoid is the most popular Lion type in its series. Just imagine, he has four present in his four series, namely in the Chaotic Century and Guardian Force series, which at that time were piloted by the main protagonist, Van Flyheight. He also re-emerged as a supporter of the New Century and Fuzors series.

In the Chaotic Century series, it is known that Liger Blade is the result of the evolution of the Liger Shield which was badly damaged by the plasma laser attack from Raven. After morphed, Blade Liger got some improvement especially in weaponry.

The Liger Blade Speed ​​is much more than its predecessor. In addition, this Zoid has some pretty deadly weaponry like a pair of Laser Blade units that are capable of cutting all kinds of Zoos and energy shields that are able to withstand the plasma lasers even from Death Saurer.

Yet the most interesting of one of these strongest Zoos is he is the only ordinary Zoid that is able to adapt to the Zoid-type Ultimate-X fighting style like Liger Zero. Even while in Van's hands, Blade Liger has defeated Death Saurer twice!


Liger Zero

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Many people underestimate this Zoid in its first appearance. How come? Although it looks quite fierce, Liger Zero only equipped Laser Claw alone without any additional weaponry. In addition, this Zoid is most famous "stubborn" and can not be piloted easily.

But behind all that, Liger Zero has some advantages that are not owned by regular Zoid in general. He is one of the Ultimate X, a rare Zoid equipped with an organoid system that is already integrated with the heart core. With the system, Liger Zero is able to learn and adapt to any Zoid fighting style.

Not only that, Liger Zero has a CAS system that allows it to switch armor and weaponry freely. Thanks to that ability, he can use three different modes at each battle.

First, the Jager mode that makes Liger Zero's speed increase many times even almost reach the speed of sound. Then, there is a Schneider mode that makes Liger Zero able to cut off enemies like the Blade Liger. The latter is a Panzer mode that is superior in terms of defense and area attacks but lousy in mobility.

That is the reason Liger Zero includes the strongest Zoid.

Not only is Liger Zero bearing the title Ultimate X. There is also another Zoid that also has a similar title. Who is he? Click the next page to read the six most powerful Zoid reviews!


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