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<p> Raiga Kurosuki is a character who uses one of the swords of Kirigakure, namely Kiba. Here are the facts. </p>
<p> Recently, the name Raiga Kurosuki was again heard. The reason is because in the anime <em> Boruto </em>users of 7 swords S <em> hinobi </em> from Kirigakure village were again collected. Apparently, Raiga has a blood relationship with one of the new Kirigakure sword users. </p>
<p> In addition, there are several facts of Raiga Kurosuki in Naruto <em> </em> that you may not have known of. Given the facts we have summarized. </p>
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<p> Raiga Kurosuki took part in the third world war <em> Shinobi </em>. He protected his village as a Kirwakure Sword User 7 with other sword users. </p>
<p> Much to be sacrificed in this war, no exception from the strongholds of Leaf and Left. His own Might Guy team, Ebisu, and Genma were cornered by 7 Kirigakure Swordmen, Raiga was among them. </p>
<p> This is where the father, Might Duy came to help. He sacrificed himself to protect the three children by opening the Eighth Gate. This death gate is very dangerous for both parties, Duy as well as the sword users of the Left. </p>
<p> Finally, Duy died carrying four members of 7 Sword Kirigakure Users with him. Unlike Raiga, he survived the Eighth Gate attack with three others. </p>
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The Filler Being Canon

Initially, Raiga Kurosuki was the character of the story filler or the interlude story in the anime Naruto . In this filler Naruto teamed up with Guy's team to fight one of Kirliakure's 7 Sword User members, none other than Raiga.

Naruto's goal follows this mission to find out about Sasuke, considering Kisame is a member of Akatsuki who may also know about Sasuke's truth and whereabouts.

From filler to canon . Canon itself means an official story that is directly related to the main story, such is the current Raiga. Now he also appears in the manga as well as in the past Might Duy who was indeed canon .

He is also incorporated in the organization of 7 Sword User Kirigakure and even his daughter appears in the anime Boruto in which the story Boruto on 7 Sword User is canon as well revealed in his manga.


His Name Accorded with His Sword

Raiga in Japanese has a name associated with the great sword that he wore during his lifetime. Raiga ( 雷 牙 ) has the meaning of Lightning Taring. Certainly it is suitable if juxtaposed with his sword, Kiba () which means Taring.

His name also fits with the basic elements of Kiba's sword. This weapon can use a variety of strokes of a strong and dangerous lightning element for his opponent.

The possibility, naming Kiba, as well as the lightning element in the sword is also related to the character of Raiga, given the first appearance of this sword present in filler which tells Raiga, or otherwise, Raiga naming follows Kiba's sword naming and its power .

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