Here's the Facts of Grandfather Boruto, Hiashi Hyuuga that You May Not Know!


Boruto and Himawari have a very dear grandfather to them both, namely Hiashi Hyuuga, leader of the Hyuuga family. Here are some facts of his grandfather Boruto that you may not know.

In the Naruto series we recognize one of the most violent father figures of his daughter, Hiashi Hyuuga, father of Hinata, and Hanabi Hyuuga. But in Boruto Hiashi has become a grandfather to Boruto and Himawari.

Let's get to know Hiashi Hyuuga. In addition to him who is very fond of Boruto and Himawari, consider also the facts of his grandfather Boruto, Hiashi Hyuuga others below.


Strong Hyuuga Family Leader

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<p> Hiashi Hyuuga is the sole leader of the Hyuuga family. It is true that leadership will go down to Hanabi when Hiashi is retired later, but still his grandfather Boruto is the leader of a powerful Hyuuga family. </p>
<p> Why Hiashi Hyuuga is a strong leader? In the Hyuuga family, there is a typical martial named Juken. The Juken Technique or <em> Gentel Fist </em> requires diligence and special training to master it, while Hiashi is the greatest Juken master in the Hyuuga family today. </p>
<p> Capitalize the reasons above, would be enough to explain that Hiashi is the greatest Juken user to date. The Hakkeshō Kaiten technique controlled by Hiashi has a much wider range, even beyond Neji the genius. </p>
<p> With Hakkeshō Kaiten hers, Hiashi could also break the ten-tail hand attack, even until it bounced quite far away. </p>
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Becoming a Core Family

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<p> Hiashi Hyuuga is the nuclear family of Hyuuga, but unfortunately, the twin sister, Hizashi Hyuuga is a branch family, and has a destiny to protect the nuclear family since they were born. </p>
<p> Hiashi and Hizashi Hyuuga are twins, then why do they have different destiny? It turns out that all is determined from who was first born. Hiashi was born moments earlier than Hizashi, so the younger brother at birth was given the seal of Hyuuga's curse right away. </p>
<p> As the nuclear family, Hiashi can also control the seal of his brother's curse, if one day he does something strange, or rebellious with other branch families. </p>
<h4> Hiashi Hyuuga is a rough dad, but why can he be gentle to Boruto and Himawari? Check the next page. </h4>
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