Here's Possible Twist Ending Crazy Dragon Ball Super After Genesis in Episode 127!

Obviously, if you have not watched the episode 127, the discussion of the possibility twist ending crazy Dragon Ball Super contains spoiler . If you include those who do not like leaks, it is advisable to at least watch first before continuing reading.

If you do not mind the leak or have witnessed the show yourself, please continue reading the review below.


So, Android 17 sacrificed itself in Dragon Ball Super 127.


It's not like Gohan, who deliberately allowed himself to be hit by a powerful attack from Frieza and then just eliminated out of the arena with Dyspo. 17 blew himself up so as not to leave just for Goku and Vegeta to rest, even for just a minute or so. This is obviously very touching considering that 17 already have children and wives, whom he loves very much.

Since the action was done on his own free will, Jiren was not considered to have killed 17, until the fight could go on.

But the disappearance of 17 without this trace also immediately raises the question: what if 17 is actually just hiding?

This is the underlying theory of probability twist ending crazy Dragon Ball Super .

From preview and a synopsis, it seems Vegeta's turn is going to be eliminated in episode 128. Frieza has so far been of no use, and appears to be only acting as a shadow of the threat of evil forces potentially asking something to Super Dragon Ball.

Ideally, Dragon Ball Super will end with a Goku fight that has mastered Ultra Instinct against Jiren who exerted full force. But if 17 is just hiding, Goku does not even need to win.

You may also be able to imagine it yourself. Goku and Jiren fight equally, but each can not get rid of his opponent. The seconds of the bout flow to touch zero. The Tournament of Power seems to end in the series, but it is revealed that from the beginning 17 was never out of the arena. Jiren also lost because time out, while 17 proved himself as a MVP of Universe 7.

Will twist ending crazy Dragon Ball Super is this really happening? One of the reasons the author considers it is because of how powerful Jiren, and Goku in Super often fails to subdue the main enemy that appears unaided. (Such as Fused Zamasu whose edges should be destroyed by Zen-Oh).


Android 17 itself is the most ingenious warrior of Universe 7, who already uses his intelligence to help his colleagues overcome Damon from Universe 4 and Aniraza of Universe 3. Even that ingenuity also helps 17 to be the first to hurt Jiren. So it could be when he was pressed by the attack Ki Jiren, 17 just thinking of ways so that he can help the winning. (Because it was clear he was losing in terms of strength against Jiren).

But if true Super ending would be like that, it feels the Ultra Instinct Goku's disclosure is also such a waste. Fan Dragon Ball also certainly expect that at the end of this series Goku will at least get a definite victory from a formidable foe.

How do you think the theory of twist ending crazy Dragon Ball Super above? Is it possible or not? Would you prefer a tournament end like that or a conventional ending, where Goku beat Jiren after a fierce battle? Share your thoughts in the comments field!

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