Here's One Piece and Romance Dawn Difference, One Shoot Manga by Eichiro Oda


Before beginning the manga One Piece Eichiro Oda had already made several manga one shoot and Romance Dawn was one of them.

Eichiro Oda is a Japanese mangaka we are familiar with, One Piece . Prior to making One Piece Eichiro Oda had several times made manga affecting One Piece .

List of manga one shoot by another Oda compiled into a book titled Wanted !! also contains a manga like One Piece under the name Romance Dawn . What is the difference between One Piece with Romance Dawn ? List the differences below.


Desire of Luffy

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<p style= In the anime and manga One Piece Luffy's wishes and aspirations are only one, that of wanting to become the Pirate King, a nickname left by the previous Pirate King, Gol D Roger. Not just abandoning the nickname, Gol D Roger also left the One Piece treasure, and who found it will be the next Pirate King.

Luffy also intends to find One Piece, and becomes the next Lau Lau King. It could be said that Luffy's purpose was very clear in One Piece but different in Romance Dawn .

In Romance Dawn the purpose of Monkey D Luffy wading through the ocean as a Pirate is an adventure. He is anxious to meet and undergo a variety of exciting adventures, in addition, he also wants to be a good Pirate in the first version, although Luffy himself admits that neither here is like a hero.

There is a clear distinction between Luffy's wishes in these two versions, and in Romance Dawn Luffy's desire is widened, so that if the manga continues, then Luffy's purpose will also fluctuate.


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Garp Is a Pirate

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<p style= In the second version of the manga Romance Dawn, that gives Luffy's straw hat is not Shanks the Red Hair, but his own grandfather Garp (though in Romance Dawn there is no Garp ).

In the manga One Piece Garp is Luffy's very strong grandfather. He likes to train Luffy hard, so Luffy becomes resilient. In addition, Garp is also one of the heroes of the Navy, and certainly hates Shanks that makes Luffy a Pirate.

In contrast to the Romance Dawn version . Here, Grandpa of Luffy is a ruthless Pirate captain. He also wore a straw hat, and from the grandfather he got the straw hat.

Nami there are two versions in Romance Dawn ? Who are they? check the next page.


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