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<h4> New start has been filled with many parodies. Even the parody is made into a story compilation that is awesome. What anime is parodied in episode 1 <em> Gintama </em> 2017? </h4>
<p> Anime <em> Gintama 2017 </em> has finally aired, continuing the story of Gintoki and his silly friends. As always, in the first episode, it must be retold about their story so far, but there are different with the animenya in 2017. </p>
<p> Instead of telling about the original adventure, they are just making it up by bringing together a variety of other anime elements and making it a travesty. What anime is parodied in the first episode <em> Gintama </em> 2017? </p>
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<p class= One Piece

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<p> Initially, the story told is true, that is about a country that was formerly nicknamed Samurai Country. But now! Samurai country has changed and entered the era of pirates. </p>
<p> The main character in this story Sakata Gintoki, is a young man who accidentally devours Critical Devil of Critical Criticism, until finally his straight hair turns into a wavy criticism. </p>
<p> He finally wanders and wants to solve all his problems with money. That is the parody that is directly presented since the beginning of this episode begins, complete with a straw hat and Luffy's red-sleeved shirt. </p>
<p> Later, Gintoki and his friends are separated for 2 years, and back in Jabondy Archipelago. Of course parody of Sabaody Archipelago. But wait, this parody still continues. </p>
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<p class= Dragon Ball

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<p> In the midst of his adventure, Sakata Gintoki meets a beautiful woman and genius. The woman has a tool to find 7 balls that can be used to call the Light Dragon. The woman is Kagura- <em> chan </em>. </p>
<p> It's very clear what anime is being parodyed here. No other and no less is <em> Dragon Ball </em>. Here, Kagura has the same role as Bulma, which is looking for 7 Dragon Balls with a special search tool. </p>
<p> Even the clothes worn by Kagura are the same as those of Bulma. Then, they also against Piccolo who certainly has a distinctive parody appearance in <em> Gintama </em>. Even Gintoki also entered the Super Saiyan mode during reunion after 2 years at Jabondy Archipelago. </p>
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Pokemon and Kemono Friends

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<p> On the way, Gintoki and Kagura find a spectacular monster named Shinpachu, then they take and care for her. According to Kagura, Shinpachu is Friends Glasses. Gintoki also asked Shinpachu to take Japari Bus because he was tired of walking. </p>
<p> Shinpachu himself is a parody of Pikachu in <em> Pokemon </em>including his aga shrill voice. Shinpachu is included in the kind of Friends as in <em> Kemono Friends </em>. Gintoki even mentioned Japari Bus very clearly. Japari Bus is a bus that is used to surround Japari Park. </p>
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Naruto, Hunter Hunter & Boku no Hero Academia

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<p> Yes, this parody is whisked and tucked into a single image. Told, they (Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachu) re-assembled after 2 years apart, finally they took a new challenge, that is following Chunin Hunter Hero Exam. </p>
<p> The word <em> Chunin </em> uses a typical 19459006 font </em> Naruto </em><em> Hunter </em> also belongs to <em> Hunter x Hunter </em>while <em> Hero </em> taken from <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em>. The entrance exams are also like the gates of the U.A Hero School with Tenkaichi Budokai decorations, as well as a forest fence like a small Naruto Chunin test spot. </p>
<p> 5 </p>
<p class= Captain Tsubasa

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<p> This parody appears in the middle of the story. The earliest episodes of <em> Gintama 2017 </em> raised the story <em> Kagura's Boyfriend </em>. Of Gintoki and Umibozu the father of Kagura became the main character in this story. </p>
<p> They had not accepted Kagura to have a girlfriend, but Shinpachi realized they had to grow (<em> Grown Up) </em> became a much better father. Instead of changing their properties, they both use large bodies and actually grow in the real sense. </p>
<p> They also explain that such a large and disproportionate body is common, especially in the anime you can see for yourself the picture above, namely <em> Captain Tsubasa </em>. </p>
<p> That is the parody that has emerged since the beginning of the episode <em> Gintama 2017 </em>. What do you think? Which parody is the most annoying and funny? Write your opinion in the comment field yes. </p>
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