Here's a List of 6 Strongest Groups in Dragon Ball! Is Pride Troopers Number One?


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<h4> Who are the strongest groups in [DragonBall<em> </em>? Are Pride Troopers eligible to be number one? Or is there something more feasible to occupy that position? </h4>
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<p class= The Bardock Group

Yep, his father's group Goku is worth reckoning in the list of the strongest groups in Dragon Ball . In the end, they were all destroyed. But there was a moment in which they were the mainstay of the Frieza army.

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Basically, the Bardock gang is a Frieza bouncer. They invade a planet, destroy the defenses and possibly kill the inhabitants of the planet, then prepare for the planet of their victim to be controlled by Frieza. So basically, they – and the whole Frieza army – are the cause of Universe 7 having a low mortal level .

Despite being composed of reliable Saiyan, the Bardock group did not fare well. In the end they were all beaten by Dodoria's group of Frieza troops.

Bardock was able to confront Dodoria's group, but in the end he still fell before the men of Frieza.

The next fate of Bardock may still be you know. He tried to stop Frieza, but Frieza instead annihilated himself with his planet.

At least the son of Bardock then avenge his father's tragic death.


Red Ribbon

When it comes to the strongest group in Dragon Ball we can not forget the Red Ribbon.

Oh, indeed little Goku can ruin this group from his lowly soldiers to his bosses. But it remains to be remembered that in the small Goku era, they are the rulers of the world Dragon Ball . Their territory of power is remarkable and, until Goku appears, no one seems to be able to give them any meaningful resistance.


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Additionally, Red Ribbon also gets a "bonus" because there are still members of this group that make trouble up in the future. What the author means is Dr. Gero, who later developed the Android that still bearing the Red Ribbon logo. Including 17 and 18.

Even in the future Future Trunks technology development from Gero ensures that the world is once again conquered by figures that have the Red Ribbon logo in their costumes. Although unfortunately 17 and 18 in the future is more concerned with the destruction of origin rather than rule tyrannically.

Advanced group of the strongest in Dragon Ball can you read on the second page!


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