Here's a List of 6 Animal Stand Users that Exist in Jojo Universe!


Who says there is no user animal Stand. In addition to their crazy Stand power, they also have intelligence that surpasses normal standards. No wonder if these animals are troublesome than ordinary criminals.

As we know, not only humans can become Stand users. The animals are also allegedly able to have a similar force if it survives after being hit by artificial arrows. Even according to some fans, the user animal Stand is much more deadly than the beast as it relies more often on their fighting instincts.

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Anyone animal user stand that exists in Jojo Universe ? Check out the discussion!


The Orangutan

 Animal user Stand "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Be careful if you encounter a ship containing only orangutans in it, you may fall into a trap made by Orangutans, a Dio animal animal with his troublesome Strength booth. </p>
<p style= As the first user animal Stand introduced, Orangutan certainly has advantages that fauna lacks in general. He has almost the same level of intelligence and capable of thinking tactically. It was evident from how he completed the rubik in seconds and the way he trapped the Joestar group.

Well, this porn magazine fan is really amazing. With his Strength Stand Strengths, Orangutans can manipulate whatever objects are inside his ship. He was able to trap all members of Speedwagon and cornered Jotaro who in fact is the strongest figure in the group.

Unfortunately the animal name, still he can be deceived by a small trick of the main whiz. Just because of a sleeve button, the Orangutan must be willingly beaten by Star Platinum.



Prepare the offer of chewing gum if you do not want your hair to be the same fate as Polnareff. You are still lucky if only your hair is pulled and dientuti by him. Otherwise, maybe get ready to be buried by the sand of The Fool.

True, Iggy is a dog captured by Avdol and Joseph while still in charge as the king of a street dog. He was arrested at the request of the dog's controlling service who could no longer deal with it. His selfish and ignorant personality often makes everyone has trouble every day.

In addition, his stand also can not be underestimated. Stand The Fool hers is able to manipulate the sand so as to invulnerable to attack any Stand. Jotaro alone acknowledges that Star Platinum blows will not be able to hit him.

Despite his bad personality, Iggy apparently also has a side of concern for the people around him. He once saved a boy whose dog was eaten by Pet Shop. Even Iggy has a heroic nature like rescuing Polnareff in the last moments.

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