Here's a Comparison between Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker


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<h4> Towards the duel of Luffy vs. Katakuri, this is a comparison of the strengths of Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker – the brothers Katakuri that Luffy has defeated. </h4>
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Before this, there was only one pirate Worst Generation who successfully defeated one Sweet Commander Big Mom. He is Urouge, who managed to beat Charlotte Snack. But Urouge can not do much because then Cracker beat him. His fleet was also destroyed by the forces of Big Mom, which reinforced Zeus and Prometheus.

Luffy may have to run away without beating Big Mom. But he is likely to break Urouge's record by beating TWO Sweet Commander. Previously he had overthrown Cracker, after a dozen-hour bout that assisted Nami. Now it was Charlotte Katakuri's turn that he would face in a duel.

Can Luffy defeat him? It could be, though it might be difficult. As an illustration, let's compare Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker. The difference between the two can make Luffy more difficult. It could even be the climax battle of Whole Cake Island.


The Fighting Style

The fighting style of Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker was so different so far. Crackers tend to play safely in combat. See the form above? He took cover behind the armor biscuit he created. He can even further protect himself by creating a biscuit army.

Cracker's tactics to play this safe may be one cause of his duel with Luffy being able to eat a dozen hours. Although the biscuits are already weakened by Nami, Cracker still tries to keep himself from receiving Luffy's attack. Eventually he wasted too much time and was able to submit.

On the other hand, Katakuri was introduced as a sniper. He debuted by shooting someone off using jellybean which was leveled at the speed of a bullet. But when needed, Katakuri did not hesitate to go forward and fight directly.

Based on these different fighting styles, the writer feels duel Luffy and Katakuri will not last as long as Luffy vs Cracker. Katakuri will probably rely on Chess Army in the Mirror World to help him. (So ​​far, Katakuri is not seen as a person who puts honor in the fight). But he does not seem to be hiding behind troops and lingers, just as Cracker did first.

That's just the style of fighting alone. What about the nature, bounty and the battle situation? See the follow-up discussion on the next page!


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