Here's 7 Best One Piece Dueling Scenes! Where's Your Favorite?


Manga One Piece has been running for two decades. During that time, there were a lot of cool duel going on in his yard. Anywhere duel One Piece most steady?

For this subject, the authors focus on the battles One Piece that actually run one on one. Therefore you may wonder why the fight at Marineford is not on this list.

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The reason is that most of the fight there goes so chaotic, like war. Fighters sometimes have to alternate opponents before their duel can end.

Therefore also the battle like against the Oars, which is basically a mangle, is not here. Likewise with the first fight against the Pacifista.

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Well, now let's check out One Piece exciting.


Luffy Versus Arlong

This is the coolest battle in East Blue. Arlong is clearly well above the level of Buggy, Kuro (very fast, but once hit direct hit K.O.), and Krieg (overly relying on armor and weaponry). Arlong's physical strength surpassed other East Blue criminals, and he had troubled Luffy too.

What makes this battle even more memorable is the sad story of the oppression that Nami and his villagers face. All OPLovers who witnessed this must have long hoped that Arlong was beaten. However Arlong was able to confront Zoro, who had previously been severely wounded by Mihawk.

Then Luffy beat Arlong coolly, and the end of the fight made the reader and the audience cheer.


Franky Versus Senor Pink

In a way, Senor Pink is really the most manly member of the Doflamingo pirate group. Lots of cool battles in Dressrosa, but the way Senor Pink confronts his enemy – Franky – is truly unique.

He did not use tricks and tricks to secure himself, as Pica and Doflamingo had done. He was deliberately targeting a weaker enemy, as did Diamante.

He faces Franky as gentleman from start to finish. They were both mutually hated, not even trying to avoid enemy attacks.

Although initially this fight could be ridiculous, due to Franky's nature and Senor Pink's appearance, OPLovers must have been lured longer to see it. When Senor Pink's background is revealed, the author feels this is a duel between two heroes, not one villain and one protagonist.

When at last Senor Pink accepts his bastard of Franky's ultimate attack, Franky just sheds a tear.

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