Here's 50 Most Romantic Couples in Anime! (Part Three)

Ah, February 14th. Valentine's Day.

Whether you celebrate or not, it feels like television and certain sites will present the theme of affection. nevertheless so.

Previously, you were presented with a list of the most romantic couples in the first and second anime. The first section consists of ranks 50 to 41.


Then there are ratings 40 through 31.


Now it's the 30th to 21st turn. If your spouse is not in the previous number, maybe they're here!

30. Donquixote Homing and Wife (One Piece)

Homing is a rare creature in One Piece : a noble hearted Tenryuubito. So noble, even, that he decided to leave Mariejois.

If only Homing's wife both sucks like 99% Tenryuubito, this woman might refuse Homing's invitation and continue to live in Mariejois. But what did Doflamingo's mother do? She is willing to take part with her husband. It is a proof of love that seems to prove this duo deserves to be on the list of the most romantic couples in the anime.

Unfortunately, the fate of these two people ends up very, very dark. Homing's wife died of illness, Homing died, Rosinante – their son who inherited the goodness of his father and mother – killed his own brother, and Doflamingo became a major threat to many in the world.

29. Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyoyama (Shaman King)

As Anna debuts in Shaman King the relationship of John and Anna looks funny abusive . In order to realize his dream, Anna ensures that his fiancee is strong enough to fight his enemies at Shaman King. John also had to suffer from various obstacles, sometimes brutal.

Even so, Yoh and Anna are shown to care for each other, as shown in some sweet moments in the series. This miraculous couple even had children who later became the main characters in another story Shaman King Hana Asakura.

28. Hiroshi Nohara and Misae Nohara (Crayon Shinchan)

The Nohara family may be dysfunctional. Father and two children are flirtatious (including a baby), while his mother is brutal. In such a situation, it is no wonder Hiroshi and Misae even discussed the possibility of divorce.

But, as can be seen in some flashback or alternate world stories, Hiroshi and Misae are a couple who care very much for each other. They may sometimes be ridiculous, but in the event of extreme situations (often in Shinchan Movie ), they and their children will work together to deal with it.

27. Nobisuke Nobi and Tamako Nobi (Doraemon)

At first glance, the couple may look cold to each other. The father is rarely at home, and the day off only spends his time with smoking or watching television. His mother's hobby is angry only.

However Nobisuke and Tamako are a couple who care very much for each other. Currently, both romance may be rarely seen. But when Nobita and Doraemon go into the past, they discover for themselves how the father and mother love each other.

In addition, unlike Hiroshi Nohara and Misae Nohara, Nobisuke and Tomoko may be angry but they are not up to consider divorce.

Rank 26 to 24 most romantic couples in the anime can you check on the second page!

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