Here's 50 Most Romantic Couples in Anime! (Part One)

Valentine's Day is synonymous with affection. About the affairs of it, the most romantic couples in this anime must definitely be taken into account.

Often, their relationship is not without conflict. Yet still the couples below can unite and survive the tests that hit them.

Anyone? Let's start listing the most romantic couples in the anime from ranks 50 to 41!

50. Heiji Hatori and Kazuha Toyama (Detective Conan)

Two people who obviously love each other, but because of Heiji's sometimes foolish nature, the momentum disturbed by the emergence of the case, and others, feels the way in which the relationship is related.


But many times Heiji and Kazuha show that they do love each other, in their own way. If so, would it take a certain declaration to realize they are harmonious? Looks like not.

49. Takeo Goda and Rinko Yamato ( My Love Story !!)

This one couple may look very unusual.

The guy is Takeo Goda. From the name alone, Takeo has reminded Takeshi Goda the Jaian of Doraemon . Takeo's great body can be imagined as a form of Jaian when he grows up.

However Takeo is different from Jaian. He is a kind person who does not hesitate to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Unfortunately, his spooky appearance made many people fear first, and often multiplied praise to Makoto Sunakawa, his handsome best friend.

Good thing karma is there. Takeo Goda's kindheart seemed to give her a chance to meet the girl who would love her: Rinko Yamato.

Rinko is captivated by Takeo goodness. Their relationship also became the basis of the story presented in My Love Story !! .

48. Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mori (Detective Conan)

This one couple also deserves to be reckoned as one of the most romantic couples in the anime.

Shinichi's character, Shinichi's curse always brings the case wherever he goes, as well as – especially – the fact that Shinichi now becomes Conan Edogawa may hamper their relationship.

Unmitigated, before Shinichi becomes Conan, the phone is still not a common object found. In the latest chapter, mobile phones are readily available to everyone with the modern smarphonte form. But still Ran be patient waiting for Shinichi to return permanently, and Shinichi never switch to another heart. Exceptional dedication.

Oh, so far Shinichi and Ran's relationship is more moving than Heiji and Kazuha.

47. Nishikata and Takagi (Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san)

This couple has a very unique relationship when they were still junior high. Nishikata always tried desperately to work on Takagi, but Takagi always managed to counter every effort Nishikata. (Often by Nishikata's own fault).

Even so, it was revealed that in the end Nishikata and Takagi officially married in the future. So their ignorant-ignorant relationships in this junior high seem precisely as a foothold for a lasting relationship.

The most romantic romantic anime checks rank 46 to 44 on the second page!

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