Here's 5 Popular Human Race Race in One Piece!


Not only the humans who live in the world One Piece . There are also various kinds of creatures other than humans who live like a human society. Who are they? Follow the discussion below!


The Fish Man

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<p> Race other than the first man to appear this is one of the intelligent creatures who control the ocean with mermaids. Uniquely, their physical appearance almost resembles a fish rather than a mermaid itself. The combination of human and fish manifestations is also quite varied as octopus, stingray, and shark. Nevertheless, they still have feet to walk on land as humans. </p>
<p> Most fish humans also have a kind of fin on the shoulder or neck depending on the species. Many fish humans also have more than one hand depending on the origin of their species. Physical strength of their bodies is also not kidding. Most fish humans are ten times stronger than ordinary people. </p>
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<p> The fish's human body is also able to withstand water pressure at depths of ten thousand meters. They are very good at swimming and able to move as fast as lightning in the water. That's what makes fish humans very suitable to fight in the ocean. Even the users of the devil's fruit was afraid if they have to deal with them in the water, especially those who master the Fishmen Karate. </p>
<p> Their size also varies, some are the size of ordinary people but there are also tall as Fisher Tiger. In fact there are also reaching giant sizes like Wadatsumi. </p>
<p> Although very strong in water, fish humans have also experienced discriminatory acts from humans. Many of them were abducted for sale as slaves in Sabaody by human pirates. However, thanks to Otohime's efforts and also the heroism of the Straw Hats, their resentment gradually disappears </p>
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If you want to defeat Sanji easily, at least you should recruit mermaids. This race once caused this chef almost died of blood loss just because of its charm alone.

Well, indeed the girls of the mermaid are famous and beautiful on the land and at sea. The sexy upper body shape combined with the exotic fish tail makes a lot of adam who fall in love. Not surprisingly, most of them are often kidnapped to become sex slaves of the human race.

They are also known as reliable swimmers like fish humans. Even many who declare mermaids much faster than fish humans because of their tail shape which is shaped like aquatic animals. Only when they reach the age of thirty, their tail will turn into two legs like a fish man.

The mermaids also often cross-breed with fish humans. Most human mammals have the chance to get four children with different genes depending on their dominant nature.

In addition, almost all members of the royal family are mermaids like Neptune and his four children. The right and left ministers of the Ryugu Empire are also classified into the mermaid category although their faces almost resemble seahorses and catfish.



If human fish and mermaids are likened to humanized aquatic animals then the Mink tribe is a forest animal in "human" right by Oda. They are races other than humans who live only on the famous Zou Island can not be traced with the Eternal Pose though.

The Mink tribe has different shapes and sizes depending on what species they are. This race lives from forest products as well as marine products carried by Zunesha bursts. They also have no problem about drinking water because it has the technology to treat seawater. Minks are also known to be very peaceful and fond of partying.

The Minks have their own biological time depending on who the king they are following. The townspeople and followers of Inuarashi are actively working from morning until evening. Whereas the forest rangers under the authority of Nekomamushi guard from night to morning. Only Wanda alone can work and sleep anytime because he served as the minister of birds.

Although this race other than humans is quite friendly and easy to play with friends, do not even make a fuss with them! All members of the Mink tribe mastered martial techniques that allowed them to emit high voltage electric current. The proof, members of the Pirates of the Beast have been a victim of Mink shocks.

Race other than humans to be discussed next has a much different size difference, but equally dianegerahi extraordinary physical strength. Who are they? Click next page!


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