Here's 3 Advice in Naruto Manga Anime That You Should Understand!


Whether or not it is realized, the Naruto manga anime contains little advice to be wary of. Here are the three counsels.

Many say that anime is not for children. Actually not too, anime can be watched by all circles, but for children who have not grown better to get mentoring from parents.

Consciously or not, the popular manga anime in Indonesia, Naruto, also teaches a little bit of advice that should be covertly under guarded, though no doubt many positive things can be learned from the Naruto manga anime. Here are the three counsels.


Love is the Root of Hate

Pain takes revenge on Konoha for his hatred of the Konoha village that has deprived his father and mother's life. In addition, he also said that hatred came because of his affection for someone.

He hates his parents' murder because of his great love for his father and mother. Pain hates Hanzo and Danzo, who is a Konoha shinobi who has made Nagato killed for his love for Nagato.

For Pain, it is the compassion that drives him to do evil. The existence of affection makes hatred exist, because compassion is the root of hatred.

Actually this philosophy is a very dangerous concept if it is absorbed by the Naruto audience. The essence of affection is made so much so that it looks alive better if without love.

Whereas hatred exists because of a lack of compassion and forgiveness. Compassion never encourages a person to be selfish in his environment and then take revenge on his enemy.



Naruto's story is filled with revenge from generation to generation. The oldest generation, Madara Uchiha, takes revenge on a world that makes it impossible to make it happen.

The younger generation, Sasuke, also took revenge on his older brother, Itachi, who had killed his parents and entire clan so he had a lonely life. Revenge will never end as long as there is no forgiveness.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is a concept that makes the world disabled and corrupted. The immature audience also needs to be guided by adults to further digest the meaning of revenge in the Naruto series.


Hatred is Strength

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<p> In some parts of the Naruto anime manga shows that great power arises not only from a strong will, but comes from hatred. Itachi taught Sasuke, his younger brother, to live in hatred and gain great power from the hatred. </p>
<p> Naruto can release <em> the kyubii chakra </em> within him which has massive power when he is overwhelmed by hatred and disappointment, as when he sees Hinata being hurt by Pain and Orochimaru does not return Sasuke to Konoha. </p>
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Real hatred is a piece of useless garbage. There is no power gained from hatred. The true essence of power is hard effort and a sincere heart.

Quoting the words of Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender "a force derived from hatred forever can not defeat true power, sincerity and love."

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What do you think? Some of you may find this too much to be discussed with the thought that "only cartoons are really at issue" or "the movie is not fun". The author also feels so and even uncomfortable with film sensors that are too excessive.

But that's the mind of a grown man. For those who do not understand, these counsels can unconsciously affect their way of thinking and accompany them in their growth.

Indeed, without these elements, Naruto becomes unattractive and unattractive. Explaining evil is not a crime, but being a criminal is a crime itself.

It would be better if children who watch television shows, not just Naruto, get assisted by parents. Nevertheless, the decision is returned to you guys yes.

Edited by Fachrul Razi


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