Here's 20 Most Favorable Anime Songs Throughout 2017! Where's Your Favorite?




Although the year 2017 is over but it's good we see the favorite anime song according to Japanese anime lovers in the year 2017 yesterday.

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Although the year has changed but the name of a poll to determine something in the year 2017 is not over and one of them is a poll to determine the anime favorite song according to Japanese anime lovers in the year 2017 yesterday.

A site called Anime! Anime! held this poll from Wednesday, December 27, 2017 to Friday, December 29, 2017. This poll succeeded in getting 507 votes with 55% male and 45% female.

The result may be very obvious if you often see the year-end list of anime. Yap, a song from the phenomenal series Kemono Friends titled "Youkoso Japari Park E" managed to become the favorite anime song according to Japanese anime lovers in 2017 and defeated many popular names such as LiSA, Aqours, even Linked Horizon.

SUGOI !!!!!!!

Then where is the favorite anime song of all people who are able to burn the spirit of listeners is "Shinzou wo Sasageyo !!", this song is only in position 24 only turned out. Is in Japan the popularity of the anime Shingeki no Kyojin has declined as many do not get in the list of favorite songs or most popular everywhere?

Summon Gate

GAME Dreamer Limited

star star star star

With a solid anime visual, a solid MMORPG gameplay, as well as official permission from SNK to use characters from King of Fighters, Summon Gate is an exciting game to try!

Here are 25 most popular anime songs in the year 2017 Anime versions! Anime:

  1. Doubutsu Biscuit x PPP – Youkoso Japari Park E (Kemono Friends, Victor)
  1. LiSA – Catch The Moment (Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, Aniplex)
  1. Aqours – Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteruyo (Love Live Sunshine Season 2, Lantis)
  2. Blue Encount – VS (Gintama: Perori-hen, Ki / oon)
  3. Kenshi Yonezu – Peace Sign (Boku no Hero Academia, Sony)
  4. ClariS – Hitorigoto (Eromanga Sensei, Sacra Music)
  5. Chito (Inori Minase), Yuuri (Yurika Kubo) – Ugoku Ugoku (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryoukou, Media Factory)
  6. JUNNA – Here (Mahou Tsukai no Yome, Flying Dog)
  7. Inori Minase – Aimaimoko (Tsurezure Children, King Records)
  8. Aimer – Hana no Uta (Fate / stay Night: Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower, Sony)
  1. ZAQ – Caste Room (Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijoushugi no Kyoshitsu e, Lantis)
  2. AOP – Kunshi Ayauku mo Chikauyore (Osomatsu-san, Self-Released)
  1. Blend A – Bon Appetit (Blend S, Aniplex)
  2. LiSA – Ash (Fate / Apocrypha, Sacra Music)
  3. Fhana – Aozora no Rhapsody (Kobayashi-chi no Maid Dragon, Lantis)
  4. TrySail – adrenaline !!! (Eromanga Sensei, Sacra Music)
  5. Granrodeo – move on! Ibara michi (Saiyuki Reload Blast, Lantis)
  6. 315 STARS (DRAMATIC STARS, BEIT, S.E.M., High x Joker, W, Jupiter) – REASON !! (Idolmaster Side M, Lantis)
  7. Unison Square Garden – Fake Town Baby (Kekkai Sensen & Beyond, Toy's Factory)
  1. SawanoHiroyuki [nZk]: Tielle & Genie – gravityWall (Re: CREATORS, Sacra Music)
  2. Konomi Suzuki – There Is A Reason (No Game No Life Zero, Kadokawa)
  3. ChouCho – Ashita no Kimi sae Ireba ii (Imouto Sae Irebaii, Lantis)
  4. EGOIST – Eiyuu Unmei no Uta (Fate / Apocrypha, Sacra Music)
  1. Linked Horizon – Shinzou wo Sasageyo! (Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2, Pony Canyon)
  2. Angela – Ika Summer (Aho Girl, King Records)

Edited by Fachrul Razi



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