Here's 20 CD Anime Album and Best-Selling Game of the Year 2017!




Oricon back again released chart the end of the year and in chart it will find out what CD of the best selling anime and game albums in 2017

The end of the year has come and like post earlier about the year-end listings of this Japanese Oricon that became the data center for the album manga in Japan during the year 2017 issued chart the end of the year to determine the best selling album and anime CD in Japan during 2017.

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Before you are surprised to see some artists on this list, the anime and gameplay album is an album released by anime or game series such as original soundtrack and original album or album in which there are at least two the song being soundtrack for the anime.

Kenshi Yonezu's fourth album titled Bootleg came out to be an anime album and best-selling album in Japan during 2017 with sales of 241,754 copies. The album containing songs for the anime Sangatsu no Lion and Boku no Hero Academia is also in the 17th position of the best-selling Oricon album in Japan.

Meanwhile the best-selling gaming album CD of 2017 fell to an album from game A3ders! named Mankai Kaika Sengen which sold over 88 thousand copies during the year 2017. Meanwhile the soundtrack of NieR Automata managed to sit in the eighth position of the soundtrack from Persona 5 .

Here are 20 CD Anime Album and Game of the Bestseller In Year 2017 In Japan:

  1. Kenshi Yonezu – Bootleg (Sony, 241,754)
  1. A3ders! – Mankai Kaika Sengen (Pony Canyon, 88,898)
  2. Mafumafu – Ashita-iro World End (NBCUniversal, 85961)
  3. Various Artists – Oh! SkaTra !!! Yuri on Ice / Original Skate Song Collection (Avex, 76968)
  4. Radwimps – Original Soundtrack Kimi no Na wa (EMI / Universal, 76709)
  5. Fate / Grand Order Original Soundtrack (Aniplex, 74374)
  6. Nana Mizuki – Neogene Creation (King Record, 64493)
  7. Various Artist – NieR: Automata Original Soundtrack (Square Enix, 59473)
  1. HoneyWorks – Nando Datte, Suki. ~ Kokuhaku Jikko Iinkai ~ (Music Ray'n, 54.237)
  2. Various Artist – Persona 5 Original Soundtrack (Atlus, 53482)
  1. Mai Kuraki – Mai Kuraki x Detective Conan Collaboration Best 21 (Northern Music / Being, 50,684)
  2. Natsu-gumi – A3! First Summer EP (Pony Canyon, 47532)
  3. Aki-gumi – A3! First Summer EP (Pony Canyon, 45398)
  4. Urashimasakatasen – Four the C (NBC Universal, 43520)
  5. Various Artists – Detective Conan the Movies Theme Song Collection ~ "20" All Songs ~ (Being, 43,428)
  6. LiSA – LiTTLE DEViL PARADE (Sacra Music, 43,381)
  1. Haru-gumi – A3! First SPRING EP (Pony Canyon, 43.164)
  2. Linked Horizon – Shingeki no Kiseki (Pony Canyon, 41.726)
  3. Sayuri – Mikazuki no Koukai (Ariola, 41,381)
  1. TRIGGER – App Game Idolish 7 Trigger 1 st Full Album Regality (Lantis, 40.381)

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