Here Is The Known Information About Karma Boruto Seals

Boruto is really presented as a special figure. In the anime series he has the ability of Jougan's eye, which has been revealed is the result of the Otsutsuki Toneri intervention.

In the manga, he also gains new strength again for killing Momoshiki Otsutsuki. One of the fan translations reveals this power by the name of Karma.

What exactly is this Karma Boruto seal? Here is the information already known so far!



Obtained by Killing the Main Clan Member of Otsutsuki



Momoshiki's death at the hands of the Bapak-Anak Rasengan launched by Boruto was the first time a member of the main clan of Otsutsuki was killed by humans in the modern era. Before that Kaguya could only be sealed, Toneri decided to surrender and was determined to protect the Earth, and Kinshiki absorbed by Momoshiki who was obviously a fellow member of the main clan of Otsutsuki.

After killing Momoshiki, Boruto had time to see the last sightings of members of the main clan of Otsutsuki, who warned him about danger.

By far, the group that best understands Karma's seal appears to be Kara, the organization that employs Kashin Koji and Ao. So as soon as Ao immediately assumes the murderer of Momoshiki is Naruto, he implies that the Karma seal belongs only to figures who managed to overcome members of the main clan of Otsutsuki.



Never Hinder the Usage of Jutsu Boruto



Initially, the Karma seal in Boruto's hand did not seem to have any effect. Boruto does not feel pain and can move as usual.

The first sign of something wrong from this seal occurred in a Boruto duel against Shojoji.

Boruto has actually excelled in the fight, but when he was about to use the Rasengan suddenly the Karma seal in his hand enlarged and formed a pattern. Boruto also suddenly lost his power.

If only Mitsuki and Sarada had not arrived, Shojoji would have handled Boruto.

Seeing how the Karma Boruto seal prevents him from using the Rasengan, manga readers Boruto thinks this seal only serves as a curse that endangers its users. Then Boruto chapter 23 reveals that it is possible that the seal of Karma Boruto is also a gift.

Curious? Continue discussing the already known information about the Karma Boruto seal you can check on the second page!

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