Here Is 7 Self-Defense Techniques That Exist In One Piece!


There are many unique martial arts that exist in the world of Luffy and his friends. What are they?

Despite having a pirate theme, the world One Piece seems to still regard Dragon Ball as a role model in presenting martial arts techniques. Various kinds of real-world inspired streams are included as variations of different types of fighters other than devil-fruit eaters and Haki users.

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If calculated, so far there are seven martial arts techniques revealed in the manga One Piece . What are the martial techniques found in One Piece ? Here's the explanation!


Fishman Karate

Fishman Karate is a flow of karate that was introduced by members of the human race of fish. Its own attack power is notoriously deadly because it has a variety of movements designed specifically for the strength and speed of fish humans especially in underwater combat.

According to Jinbei's own secret the power of Fishman Karate lies in the mastery of the water element by its use. Users harness the power to send strong waves that hit the water within the enemy's body.

Since most creatures have seventy percent water in their bodies, almost no characters are immune to such attacks. Even Luffy who was immune to physical attacks was in pain when exposed to this attack.

Fishman Karate is also effectively used on land. In addition to fish humans, this stream can also be studied by ordinary people like Koalas. In addition, Fishman Karate is particularly suited against demonic fruit users when using seawater.

Although impressed is very deadly, it does not mean this technique without weakness. All of Fishman Karate's moves will be useless if obstructed by obstacles such as barrier belonging to Bartolomeo.


Okama Kenpo

 martial one piece "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Unlike other martial arts, Okama Kenpo is exclusively controlled only by transvestites in the world <em> One Piece </em>. , all Kamabaka residents are users of Okama Kempo. </p>
<p> Okama Kenpo himself is a fighting style shown by Bentham. Okama Kenpo is almost dominated by kicking techniques and also a ballet-like "gaugh" dance, which is actually a stance. To learn this nyeleneh technique, one must perform three steps. First, learn ballet, then karate, then "attack". </p>
<p> Okama Kenpo also has an advanced level named Newkama Kenpo. According to Ivankov, this flow is the ultimate form <em> </em> of the Kamabakka Kingdom fighting style. Uniquely, despite hateful transvestites, Sanji's fighting style is almost similar to Okama Kenpo when he uses Diable Jambe. </p>
<p> 3 </p>
<p class= Jao Kun Do

If you want to pit Sanji with another kick technique, then Jao Kun Do answers. Jao Kun Do is a martial art that uses kicks as the main attack. The technique is quite simple compared to other martial arts.

The workings of Jao Kun Do themselves are quite simple. His moves only focus on how to swing legs so the enemy can not predict where the user's kick will land. So far only Blue Gilly comes from the Kaki Panjang who ruled Jao Kun Do.

Although it looks casual, Jao Kun Do is effectively used when facing many people. Blue Gilly alone was able to sweep some of the gladiators in a few strokes. Even if skilled, kicking an iron mask is not impossible with this one flow.



If Okama Kenpo is only dominated by the sissies in One Piece then Jio-Ken is a stream devoted solely to the elderly. This martial flow makes it practically possible to use the strength and speed of physical attacks such as punches and kicks in old age. The physical body of its own users will become very strong and almost immune to pain.

Jio-Ken's users themselves can use qigong to save energy from youth for future use. The number of practitioners Jio-Ken is also quite rare because it is known only Lao G deepens this martial art.

Although Jio-Ken's study period is quite long, but the results are also not playing games. The smaller Lao G was able to defend Chinjao in several attacks.

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