Here are the Unique and New Things that Appear in Ultraman Manga Version!


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Next year 2019, Tsuburaya Production releases an Ultraman anime which is lifted from Ultraman a manga version ever released in 2011 first! Approximately what's new and exciting things in Ultraman this manga version?

At the end of 2017, Tsuburaya Production through its official youtube account releases an anime Ultraman trailer that will be broadcasted in 2019. Anime Ultraman It carries the story of Ultraman manga version of Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi which was released in 2011 first.

Well, surely you're wondering: what the heck distinguishes between Ultraman manga version with live-action version that we often watch on television? What makes it unique? Here's the difference!


The Emergence of Ultraman Factor

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In the Ultraman series that is on television, humans who are selected as Ultraman are those who are possessed by Ultraman itself. Unlike the case with the one in the comic, Shinjiro is selected as Ultraman has the ability named Ultraman Factor or in Japanese is called Ultraman Inshi since he was born.

Ultraman Factor This makes its owners possess super human-like abilities, such as more power, agility, and even the ability to fly. In addition, its users also have the energy Specium used as power for Ultraman Suit .


Usage of Ultraman Suit

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In the comic version, Ultraman is not present as a giant super hero but uses a high-tech costume like Marvel's superhero, Iron Man. The costume that is named Ultraman Suit is the creation of Mitsuhiro Ide who is a veteran of SSSP as well as a friend of Shin Hayata.

With Ultraman Suit its users also have Ultraman-like capabilities in general. Although in the form of costumes, it does not mean the new Ultraman does not have Color Timer . Color Timer in this costume is used as a marker that the energy used for the costume is thinned.

Aside from being a marker, Color Timer was also used to release Limiter . Limiter itself is used when the costume is almost at its limit and will give extra speed and strength. Ultraman Suit alone is capable of firing the distinctive capabilities of Ultraman, ie Specium Ray .


Alien City

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In the comic version, appears a city named Alien City. The city is a place for immigrant aliens who want to live on Earth. This hidden city is limited by a portal located inside a building. Portal is the only way to reach the city.

Despite its hidden location, everything that happens in Alien City is under SSSP control and only a few SSSP members can enter the city.


No Other Ultraman Besides Ultraman Hayata

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Despite taking a 40 year time back after the events of Ultraman there are no signs of other Ultramans, such as Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, even Ultraman Jack. In fact, when viewed from the comic Ultraman Ultraman Suit created not only Ultraman, but Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, and Ultraman Jack.

In addition, some of the antagonist characters present in this comic also come from different series, such as Alien Dada, Alien Yapool, and Ace Killer. Each of these characters is from the Ultraseven and Ultraman Ace series.

Those are some of the differences between Ultraman versions of the comics with the live-action versions. Lots of new and exciting things in it huh?

source: Ultra Wikia | Edited by Snow


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