Here are the 5 New Shonen Jump Title You Deserve to Try!


New title Shonen Jump is always present if the previous comics are finished. Not infrequently, this new title is only nested a few weeks due to little interest. Then? The title was terminated because rating is low. Well, wants to share new titles Shonen Jump that might be worth your try!



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<p> Ever imagined if the modern world goes back to the stone age? That is what Senkuu and Taiju experienced in <em> Dr. STONE </em>. All human beings on earth become rocks in the present and only rise a thousand years later. The two companions went hand in hand in order to survive in a primitive world. </p>
<p> The new title <em> Shonen Jump </em> was composed by Riichiro Inagaki (<em> Eyeshield 21 </em>) and drawn by Boichi (<em> Sun-Ken Rock </em>). This comic was first published on March 6, 2017, so it's still relatively young. </p>
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The story is unique, carrying the theme survival with comedic herbs. The main character demanded to restore the world as before, both from the side of his people and the technology. There is also the mystery behind the petrified people that Senkuu has to reveal. Boichi's unique style of image is able to present its own pleasure to the connoisseur Shonen Jump . You want to study science? This comic is perfect for you.


Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn)

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<p> Remember comics <em> Nisekoi </em>? Yes, this comic more or less gives a premise similar to its predecessor. It is about Yuiga, a high school student who is preparing to enter the campus. Unfortunately he will not be able to learn quietly. Two beautiful women suddenly come into his life and, though seem more intelligent than Yuiga, must be his tutor disciples! </p>
<p> Although the drawing style resembles <em> Nisekoi </em>it is not Naoshi Komi who made it. <em> Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai </em> authored by Taishi Tsutsui, author of <em> spin-off </em> <em> Nisekoi </em> entitled <em> Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan! </em> <em>! </em> </p>
<p> Problem story, if read at a glance it seems as if only cliches are displayed. Especially with the background of the school, harem theme that diusungnya so more impressed market. Lucky, the concept of a genius girl trying to master his weakness is quite promising. Especially when introduced to the new characters are comedic, love stories between characters become more entertaining. For you who used to love <em> Nisekoi </em>maybe this is your choice. </p>
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<p class= Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland)

Yakusoku no Neverland is also a comic themed survival . The difference is that they have to survive the evil Mother's Home. This comic tells Emma and Norman who realize that Panti's mother gave her children to be a devil's food. In order to escape fate, Emma, ​​Norman, and his friend Ray work together to escape with other children.

Themed mystery and horror, this comic invites readers to enjoy the tricks and strategies of intelligent children to get away from the orphanage. Even when they get away from it, the outer world is full of demons waiting. A new yet exciting theme, Yakusoku no Neverland suits you a mystery and puzzle lover.

There is still a recommendation of new Shonen Jump title that is not less interesting loh. Let's check the next page soon!


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