Here are the 5 Most Strong Luffy Alliance to Date!

The draw from One Piece is the Straw Hats can not always win just relying on their own group. Sometimes they need help too.

As tough as the Straw Hats, they are still overwhelmed when invaded by stronger forces. This is seen in Enies Lobby, where the Straw Hats were surrounded by navies called Buster Call.

To survive, Luffy sometimes has to build alliances. Until this article dutlis, here are five of Luffy's most exciting alliance to date!



Luffy with Galley-La and the Franky Family



This alliance takes place in Enies Lobby's groove

In Water Seven, the Straw Hats had a fight with these two camps. The Franky family had a problem with the Straw Hats, while Galley-La hunted the Straw Hats because they thought Luffy and his friends were involved in the Iceburg murder plan.

But once the problem is clear and their main enemy is seen, the CP9, these three groups are united and fought together against the Navy and the protectors of Enies Lobby.


This one alliance proved to be very successful. Their goal is achieved, although they have to struggle to escape from the siege Buster Call. The death toll is simply the Going Merry, which has been "dying" from the beginning.

Thanks to Aokiji, the Franky and Galley-La families were not hunted. All their mistakes are inflicted entirely on the Straw Hats.



Luffy with Trafalgar Law



This one alliance has worked for Law: Doflamingo, whose main target, has been toppled.

But Luffy's affair with the Heart pirate group seems to have not finished there yet. Law, this time with the whole group, seems to be going to be dealing with Kaido in Wano after this.

In war, the name of the alliance is important. Even a very strong army can be subdued by a solid alliance.

Well, if you trouble developing your kingdom in Lords Mobile, there is one very useful feature. Not only for strategic advantage, but also for friends. The name of this feature is Guild.

With this feature, you can join other players and help each other and of course interact with each other. You can also create guild and invite your friends to play together and become a very powerful guild .

Well, there is one unique thing related to guild especially guilds of player in Indonesia. In Lords Mobile, guilds originating from Indonesia chose to make coalitions and join each other and equally prioritize "greetings NKRI! '

The guild promised each other not to attack each other in order to both advance and prepare against guild from outside Indonesia!

But that does not mean there is no dispute between fellow guild Indonesia. The human name must have been forgotten or erroneous or even nosy, and attacked another guild who joined in the coalition.

Finally happens clash, mutual sarcasm, mutual attack, and misunderstanding. Is it exactly like the political situation of Indonesia lately ahead of the election? Pingin cobain it feels? Yuk, download Lords Mobile!

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Fortunately the five of Luffy's most exciting alliances are, so far, solidly defensive. Check continued on the second page!

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