Here are the 5 Greatest YuGiOh Monsters!

Talking about the greatest monster YuGiOH is actually quite difficult. The reason, not all the monsters in the TCG series has an official size. How big is the monster YuGiOh maybe we can see through anime or manga, but some monsters exist that do not even appear in anime or manga. This certainly makes it difficult to compare the measurements of this monster.


However, that does not mean there is no way to compare the size of the YuGiOh monsters. Another way is to use artwork in YuGiOh as a reference and also lore behind the monster-as we know, YuGiOh many incorporate mythologies for names and forms the monster.

Well, from both of these things, we can know which monster is worth mentioning as the greatest YuGiOh . The following are the 5 greatest monsters YuGiOh :

 biggest monster yugioh kozmo dark planet "width =" 740 "height =" 809 "/> </p>
<p style= Being in the 5th position as a monster YuGiOh largest is Kozmo Dark Planet. From the name alone, we know that this monster is a "planet". Of course, the size of the planet is huge and, in the real world, the smallest planet ever found is Kepler-37b. Kepler-37b itself has a diameter of 3,900 km-or slightly larger than the Moon!

Interestingly, Kozmo Dark Planet itself was inspired from the Wicked Witch Castle ( The Wizard of Oz ) and Death Star ( Star Wars )

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