Here are some interesting things about Shanks Group Members (who have been known)!


There are four members of the Shanks group that are known so far. Here is some information that has been revealed about them!

The Red Hair Group is one of the most exciting pirate groups in One Piece so far. The group of pirates captured by Shanks is the first Yonko group to appear in this legendary anime series. But until early 2018 their true strength has not yet been shown.

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Clearly, Shanks and his men are definitely very strong. So powerful, in fact, until the Navy preferred to end the war when Shanks declared himself to attack anyone who refused to stop fighting.

To this end, there are four members of the Shanks group whose names are known. Not only that, these four people also have some interesting facts that have been revealed. Anything? Just check the discussion below!



So far, there are three things already known about the members of this one Shanks group. First is his bounty the second is that he is sometimes ordered by Shanks to be courier, the third is his ego.

Somehow Rockstar can join the Red Hair pirate group. But clearly this man is really proud to be part of Yonko's fleet. He even managed to pride himself in front of Whitebeard's crew.

The problem is this: the value bounty Rockstar is only 94 million Belly. Luffy's game price after Alabasta alone is higher than that.

Indeed, the value of bounty does not necessarily signify strength. Robin just scored 79 million Belly as a child without a criminal record, who just escaped the disappearance of Ohara.

But with bounty being "only" 94 million Belly, Rockstar really feels small in New World. For comparison, the game value of three Sweet Commander Big Mom (fellow Yonko) is in the range of 800 million to over a billion Belly. It is likely that the three members of the following Shanks group have the same level of value as the Big Mom commanders.



Yasopp's son, Usopp, is one of the best snipers in the world. Usopp ability is also increasing after Kenbunshoku Haki his rise when he tried to handle Sugar in Dressrosa. Whereas before he was able to shoot Spandam and his men from a super distance, through the roar of the wind.

The problem, long before Usopp developed into what it is today, Yasopp has been one of the best snipers Luffy ever saw. Little Luffy never saw this man miss the shot.


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Yasopp is said to be able to shoot ant antennas from 30 meters apart regardless of other parts of the ants. That may sound ridiculous, but after seeing Usopp's achievements now, you can imagine that Yasopp is that great. Perhaps even the key to his success is that he owns Kenbunshoku Haki, just like his son.

Even skill shot Yasopp this is what made Shanks recruit him. He joined the Yonko fleet and never returned to Syrup Village even though his wife died of illness.

On the one hand, this action may seem selfish. On the other hand, the Navy often take extreme measures in cracking down on people associated with famous pirates. (Like the massacre done to ensure Roger's offspring die). It could be that Yasopp knows that Bachina and Usopp are caught up with their wives and children, the Navy will arrest them.

So it could have been if Yasopp had inadvertently avoided both of them to protect them.

Two other members of Shanks group can you check on the second page. These two names must have been very familiar to you!


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